Unreleased Updates

These are unreleased updates from the VK site where Golden Frontier was originally released. Since they are always several updates ahead of what we play on Facebook, this will give a general idea of what may be coming to us in the future. Remember, these are UNRELEASED and not guaranteed to come to our Facebook game, and are subject to change. Name changes, recipes, materials used, etc. all information is based on the game played on the Russian Server. This information is to HELP you prepare.

Remember, information can change, and we are NOT responsible for those changes.












Adventure Cave <—- Click here!

Expanding Progress <—- Click here! (released)

Smithing <— Click here! (released)

Auriferous River <— Click Here! (released)

Carved Art <— Click here! (released)

Long Distance <— Click Here! (released)

Feathered Guests <— Click Here! (released)

Prize Tir <— Click Here! (released)

Vulture’s Gorge <— Click Here! (released)

Bill’s House <— Click Here! (released)

Heroic Rescue <— Click Here! (released)

Butterfly Collector <— Click Here! (released)

Go Fishing <— Click Here! (released)

First Snowdrops  <— Click Here! (released)

Grand Canyon <— Click here! (released) 

Trading Competition <— Click Here! (released)

Snow Fun <— Click Here!  (released)

Valentine’s Day <— Click Here!!  (released)

City Government <— Click Here!   (released)

Gambling House <— Click Here! (released)

Couple Miles From San Monsano <— Click Here! (released)

Colourful Art <— Click Here! (released)

Bolshoi Theater <— Click Here! (released)

Festival <— Click Here!  (released)

New Year Holidays <— Click Here!  (released)

Eldorado <— Click Here!  (released)

Miner’s Guild <— Click Here! (released) 

Exhibition Horses <— Click Here! (released)

Caravan of Prospectors <— Click here! (released)