Neighbor Visits

Neighbor Visits

Golden Frontier Neighbor Visits




Visiting your Neighbors plays an important role in your game. You may do up to 5 actions on each neighbor. Right now, the game does not allow actions to chop trees and rocks, nor does it allow to harvest/accelerate crops. This may change in the future, but for now you are limited to clicking on buildings.

Visited neighbors show footprints on their picture for easily identifying who you have already visited.

Collection items are a random drop while in a neighbors’ land and you can receive coins and experience for clicking on the buildings, plus additional experience, coins and 1 energy for completing 5 actions.

Golden Frontier Neighbor Visit Rewards


You are limited to about 200 actions per day. Use them wisely!




The best way to help your neighbors is to focus on tending Circus Tents, Totem Poles and other Clickables. They need visits to their Circus Tents, and you receive much more energy ( 1 to 3 ) by clicking on them only, than doing 5 actions per neighbor and receiving only 1 extra energy.

Don’t forget…. you should also build your own Circus Tent, and Totem Poles so your neighbors have an added incentive to visit you! Keep your Clickables on the spot your game loads (by the boat)  for easy clicking!!

You also earn extra “guest actions” from quests and Circus tents… You use them after you have already used the 5 regular actions in a neighbors land. Unfortunately, they cannot be used on Circus Tents, but can be used on buildings, etc. You may or may not receive collection items, but usually get a few coins and exp’s for using them.

Note: try and keep at least 25 extra neighbor actions handy, because there have been a few quests that have asked us to use them!

Golden Frontier Extra Neighbor Actions



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