Golden Frontier Tales From Golden Frontier Update

Dear friends 😈 !

Do you still remember your old friend named 🧛‍♂️ Vlad? And he perfectly remembers each of you and just came with some 😏 threats! Are you ready to go to unexplored 🗺️ land?


Help your friends 👫 in getting them out of troubles! Test your strength in capturing a new unique 🐹 pet. Get the opportunity to regularly extract the necessary precious 🔮 stones! Golden Frontier is waiting for you.

In this update you will find:
 New location: Path to nowhere.
 New unique pet: Little pumpkin.
 New unique decorations: Mysterious Carl, Ancient Sheriff Stevenson, Enigmatic Annie Brush, Ghost Harry, Headless horseman Clyde, Zombie Joe.

Celebrate Halloween 🎃 with the Golden Frontier — 

This update was released on 10/26/2017, It is a limited time update and will expire in 17 days. You must have what you can done before it expires!

You MUST have the Tool Workshop built in order to work on this update. The Laboratory, Kitchen and Textile Workshop is also used. 

Note: There are 3 new limited time clickables introduced… You can fill yourself but FREE neighbor clicks add 5 points each. DON’T waste pumpkins filling yourself until AFTER you have all the necessary items crafted for filling the part 2 stages!!! These totals are ONLY for filling the last 2 stages of the clickables and the Pumpkin Burrows. (let neighbors free click while you are crafting all these items

  • Wondrous Sweets: 25
  • Wondrous Cookies: 25
  • Wondrous Hats: 10
  • Wondrous Brooms: 15
  • Wondrous Candles: 333

Also… Annie is the hardest one to build. It might be wiser to build 1 completely than to have 3 unbuilt ones at the end.

You CAN use dynamite on all the items that require ENERGY to chop.

You will have a quest to catch the Mobile pumpkin. To find it, locate a Pumpkin Burrow.

Find a Pumpkin Burrow and build it. Then travel down using a Wondrous Candle. The EASIEST way with the least amount of resources is to travel down the same Burrow. You will have to do it 33 times (33 Wondrous Candles) in order to find the Mobile Pumpkin.



Once you find the mobile Pumpkin it turns into a Little Pumpkin Pet in your Warehouse. Go to where you have your Animal Mansion Located and Place the Little Pumpkin on your land. (Note: if you do NOT have your Animal Mansion built yet, leave your pet in warehouse. You won’t be able to use it until you have the Mansion built.)

Click on the Little Pumpkin and it will ask you if you want to place him in the Animal Mansion. Click Yes.

If you want to begin using your Little Pumpkin right away, click on the mansion, then Take your Pet out. Feed your Little Pumpkin and then you are ready to use it.

Gather resources by chopping trees, rocks, grass, etc in order for the Little Pumpkin to produce drops. (to make the most use out of it, use it in the new land on the grass, trees and rocks to gain even more pumpkins.)

The 3 new clickables will need to be moved to the loading area. Don’t worry about clearing anything, there is enough room to set them on the path for easier clicking on neighbors.


The easiest way is to be on the new area first, Then go neighbor to neighbor and their No where Land will automatically load. No need to search at the top. If their game loads to cloudy, they haven’t been to No where Land yet and have nothing to click. Use the Free click in the RIGHT SIDE and give 5 points per click to your neighbors.

Reminder: you only get 200 free clicks per day until game reset so your clicks will go fast. This includes birds, so birds may get neglected for a short period….

Each clickable has 5 building stages… Don’t use pumpkins to fill your own until you have crafted all the necessary materials to fill the last 2 stages…

Enigmatic Annie Brush: Click either picture for complete building information.


Ancient Sheriff Stevenson: Click either picture for complete build stages.

Mysterious Carl: Click either picture for complete build stages.

Receive wondrous outfits, etc from using wondrous Pumpkins.


When completed they will go to your warehouse. Don’t forget to take them out! (don’t put them on the New land)

Keys to success:

  • Chop the grass/lavender first to get the Emerald Pumpkins. 
  • Make the Wondrous Spoons to get the Rusty Pumpkins
  • Make loads of the Wondrous Pickaxes and Wondrous Shovels and chop up the gold and black chests that contain loads of ALL the pumpkins.
  • Make all the recipes first, then fill your own. 

New Recipes in Tool Workshop: Wondrous Axe

Wondrous Broom

Wondrous Keys

Wondrous Pickaxe

Wondrous Shovel

Wondrous Spoon

Laboratory: Wondrous Candles

Kitchen: Wondrous Cookies

Wondrous Sweets

Textile Workshop: Wondrous Hat

Don’t forget you can store the decorations on the Path to Nowhere. Don’t miss an opportunity to decorate your Cloudy!


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