Using the Animal Mansion

Using the Animal Mansion is quite Simple. Zippy will be your first Pet inside if you opted not to use bucks and buy the Watchful Eagle. Click on the Animal Mansion and  is what it will look inside after you rescue Zippy. It will just show 3 paw prints until you have a pet inside. If you bought the Eagle, it will also have the Eagle in as well. You can feed them by visiting or taking them with you.

Zippy will help you find collection elements while gathering resources. Gathering resources includes chopping trees, rocks, etc. This does NOT include crafting in buildings or collecting from decorations.

Remember, you must take zippy with you while chopping resources in order for him to help you find extra collection items.


Every chop on a resource will use one “fullness meter”

When Zippy is empty you just won’t receive extra collections. There will NOT be a pop-up to feed him more. You will need to keep track yourself. Zippy will follow you around where ever you go. To put him back into the Animal Mansion, click on him and then click the PURPLE “home” button. 

Note: Your pet will follow you around to what ever land you travel to. You must be on the land you have your Animal Mansion located on in order to send it “home.”

The Watchful Eagle works the same way except it will help you receive a CHANCE at random Bird Cages, Chew Toys or Whips when crafting in the Kitchen, Workshop and Textile Workshop. 



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