Golden Frontier Unreleased Fashion Model Update

Dear Friends 😊

A kind of living impulse to novelty, to search and creativity 🎨, like the 🌬breath of fresh air, swept the expanses of the Golden Frontier. It’s time to find new relevant images 🎩and forms 👠! 

Meet our update 📢FASHION MODEL 📢 

Master the language of fashion 🛍and build the Podium for the upcoming fashion show. Choose for your character attire, consonant with your inner state and attitude. After all, being stylish is 😎fashionable at all times. 

In this update: 
✅New construction: Podium. 
✅New objects: Fashion expert, Table with jewels. 
✅New clothes for the character: Businessman, Business lady. 
✅New unique scenery: Selfi, Country Band, Fashion designer. 



There will be 3 new buildings that can be placed on Town or Cloudy.

The Podium is the biggest one and had 6 stages… 3 to build and 3 to fill. It works similar to the Orangery. 


Once the initial building stages are completed, you will need to fill each stage . Stage 4 is 5 collections.

Use crafted items to trade in the Table with Jewels and Fashion Expert to fill a collection, then turn it in.

Table with Jewels and Fashion expert do not have any building requirements.

Mannequin, Fabric, Thread, Needles, Buttons and Cosmetic Set are all exchanged with the Fashion Expert. Exchanges are random.


Fashion Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Hair Clip and Ring are exchanged at the Table with Jewels. Exchanges are Random.


New Recipes: Textile Workshop: Fabric Samples

Workshop: Jewelry Box

Laboratory: Make-up


Tool Workshop: Set for Diamond Cut

Utility Knife


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