Golden Frontier Unreleased In Search for Zippy Update

Dear friends! 😎 

A true companion is necessary for every traveler – it is easier to experience hardships and hardships together with comrades! 💞And, sometimes, it is friends who desperately need your help. 

Meet our update 📢IN SEARCH for Zippy 📢 

Already, a troika of mysterious researchers will 🕵♀teach you the art of caring for pets and you can return the lost Zhivchik 🐕home. From this moment you will become inseparable! 

In this update: 
✅New unique pets: Zhivchik, Sharp Eagle. 
New unique scenery: Stranger children do not exist, Strange friendship, Young cowboy.


In this update the Workshop, Textile Workshop, Kitchen, and Capitol are used. You might want to consider building the limit of 3 Capitols (if you can) or at least try for a second one since we seem to be needing to use it as an exchange center quite often for materials. We will also begin using the new Animal Mansion so if you haven’t finished building it yet, no worries. You can still craft ahead some of the items needed. Otherwise you will not be able to progress in this update. You will also need to have completed the Wild Canyon Update in order to finish the very last part of being able to reach Skippy and rescue him.

When we get this update, there will automatically be a quest with a 24 day timer to buy the Watchful Eagle from the Shop. The eagle does cost 49 GF Bucks, however it would be your first new animal to use in the Animal Mansion. Now…. this quest is NOT mandatory. It is timed, which means that it will disappear after the timer expires so you do NOT have to spend bucks to buy the eagle. If you choose not to spend bucks, just let this quest sit there and it will go away on it’s own. 

There are 15 quests with this update.

NOTE: Follow the quests! Don’t do things ahead of time. The last few updates and this one too have to be followed. Doing things out of order will not count toward other quests that pop up, and will NOT be checked off as completed. Don’t get stuck on a quest that you will have to use bucks to skip parts on because you weren’t paying attention to detail!

The first part of this update takes place in the Valley. There will be a quest to go there. At the Valley you will meet the Penguin Researcher.

The Penguin Researcher has 2 stages to fill. Prospector’s Warm Jacket (gold town) Dry Rations and Compressed Hay are used to fill this stage.

Stage 2 needs 44 Snares. Get random drops of snares by giving bird cages to Penguins. This works the same as it does for Ringo… so it will not be an easy task. 


The Animal Comb and Rubber Ball will be new exchanges in the Capitol.


New Kitchen Recipes: Chew Toy

Comprehensive Dinner

Food Portion

Barn: Compressed Hay

Workshop: Animal Bowls

Bird Cage

Textile Workshop: Camouflage Net



Leather Collar

Now, if you choose to use Bucks and buy the Watchful Eagle, you will be able to use the new Animal Mansion while you are crafting. This is what it will look inside the Animal Mansion if you Buy the Eagle, otherwise you will just see 3 paw prints when it is empty.

If you click “visit” you will see the next screen pop up to feed the Eagle from inside the Animal Mansion.

If you “take” the eagle, he will follow you around….  Clicking on it will prompt the image to feed above. (similar to how the pet husky follows you around while on White Hills)

Basically, the Animal Mansion will have up to 3 animals inside (once introduced) that will allow us to receive random drops of items while crafting in buildings. Each animal will likely have a “specialty” that will offer particular items while in use.

Once you feed your animal, it will help you receive random drops. In this case, the Watchful Eagle (purchased for 49 GF Bucks) helps obtain random drops of either a Bird Cage, Chew Toy or Whip. Food portion will give you 10 chances, Comprehensive Dinner will give you 25 chances. One chance is one completed craft… So as you craft in the Textile Workshop and/or Kitchen, the amount of chances left will go town. If you feed one Comprehensive Dinner to the Eagle, it will be good for 25 different chances… 

NOTE: This is similar to getting Smithy Shavings when crafting Sturdy Sledgehammers… so You might get 4-5 drops out of 25 chances.

The Animal will follow you around to different lands… (this can get annoying!) You can put it back inside the Animal Mansion by clicking the Purple Home button. (you must be on the land you built your Animal Mansion in order to send it home)

Don’t forget… even if you don’t have the Animal Mansion quite built yet, keep working on it… and don’t forget the Small Things Store Spinner will also help you a bit with things and while it is a difficult build, is quite worthwhile to do so.

Follow the quests!! Eventually you will get to a point when you just have 1 quest to help the Penguin Researcher. Until you complete stage 2, you cannot progress any farther. Then you will receive a quest to go to the Lost City….. At the Lost city you will meet the Panther Researcher.

Stage 1 of the Panther Researcher is 47 Playful Panthers.

Use Whips to chase away the Panthers for a random drop of Playful Panthers.

Stage 2 of Panther Researcher needs Forged Knife, Camouflage Net and Animal Comb.

After you finished with the Panther Researcher, You will then travel to Twilight Town and meet the Fox Researcher.

Stage 1 of the Fox Researcher is 200 Points.

Stage 2 needs 93 Animal Tracks. 

Receive Animal Tracks by giving them a Chew Toy and chasing them away. Remember, they are a Random Drop!


When you have completed stage 2 of the Fox Researcher, you will then go to Wild Canyon. Hopefully you will remember how to navigate through the maze of ladders and bridges in order to be able to rescue poor ole Zippy!! 

Note: During this update you will receive several Simple Keys… Don’t forget to use them on the chests as you navigate your way through!

Yayyyy, you have reached poor lost Zippy… just one final stage to make it through!


More info to follow as I progress on the update on Vk!

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