Golden Frontier Unreleased Favorite Pets Update

Dear Friends 😼! 

Since the beginning of time, a man has been walking around … A paw with smaller brothers – animals 🐾. Having become friends with you once, they will pass hundreds of roads and will be faithful companions in life. 

Meet our update 📢FAVORITE PETS 📢 

Caring for the pet is a pleasant affair, but not at all easy. Where do we start? Before we go in search of a pet, we should prepare a lot. Arrange a 🛠cozy corner, and soon the first inhabitants will appear in it. 🐣 

In this update: 
✅New Buildings: Animal Mansion, Little Shop 
✅New unique scenery: Paradoxical encounter, Hungry ducks, Happy goose 


You will need the Adventurers House, Capitol, Smithy, Textile Workshop, Paint Shop, Closed Mine, etc. for this Update. There are NO TIMERS. The main goal in this update is to build the Animal Mansion which at this time doesn’t have a use, but will be used in future updates. From what it looks like we will soon have more “pets” or animals that will eventually be placed inside to care for and feed. (hopefully it will work better than the enclosure and poultry house)

19 new quests with none being timed.

In the Capital is where you will barter for the new Aquarium and Black Resin

In the Adventurers House you will need to search for the Decorative Tree and Decorative Stone.

Note: these drops are NOT as rare as Charoite!


You will also be building the Little Shop which is actually a new spinner that will also have some of the new items on it to win. This will be a very helpful one to obtain some of the new items that are harder to craft. It’s also not too bad of a build and you can make everything needed to build it before we even get the update here on Face Book! Follow the quests and don’t buy until prompted to buy or else you will have to spend bucks to skip.



The Animal Mansion will be a tough build… but will not be used for this update, it will be used in future ones.




New Recipes: Tool Workshop: Box of Tools

Textile Workshop: Bright Fabric

Smithy: Mechanical Lattice

Sawmill: Woodset

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