Golden Frontier Unreleased Expanding Progress Update

Dear Friends 🤓!

The scientific and technological progress has already rushed by the hurricane on the ground 📈, and every day in the world there are new and new inventions that can make life easier for mankind. 👩💻️

Meet our update. 📢EXPANDING PROGRESS 📢

The colossal size of the world 🌍excites the imagination. And yet much has not been investigated. In this update, you will lead a scientific revolution 🎓. Hasten to shake off the dust from the forgotten microscope. Who knows, it is possible in your city to make a couple of memorable discoveries. 😉

In this update:
✅New Buildings: Capitol, Science Center.
✅New scenery: New unique scenery: the Progress Monument, the diligent student, the Joyful student, the Science Monument

Similar to inventing in the Academy, you will be inventing inside the Scientific Center. You will need to build the Capitol first. Inside the Capitol is like using the railway Train at the River and the Port at the Coast. Place your order and wait for it to be done to get the item you ordered.

Note: you will need Calcite, Jadeite, Tourmaline and Charoite from the Adventurers House in order to build both buildings.

Capitol building stages:




Examples of orders placed inside capitol: They will likely be random each time just like orders placed at the port and Train.


Scientific Center :



Once you have the scientific center built, you can use crafted recipes to invent items needed to build a cool new deco that is pretty rewarding. You must invent all 3 first pages and use them to receive the Deco on the last page.


Page 4 is putting all 3 items together

Rewards of first collection (every 24 hours) energy, coins, experience, kernite ingot, Iron Ingot, White Wood and Steel plate.

New Laboratory Recipe

Jeweller’s Workshop



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