Golden Frontier Smithing Exhibition Update

Smithing Exhibition was released on 6/1/2017. 

Dear friends!

Meet our update SMITHING EXHIBITION! Impress Master blacksmith with your metalworking skills, get into Top and receive valuable prizes!

In this update:

New event: Smithing exhibition
New decorations: Broken wagon, Smithing stand
New recipes in production buildings!

The EASIEST way to get out of doing this entire update and wasting resources is to use 16 bucks and skip these 2 quests. Don’t even place the Master Blacksmith! No Bucks?? Build some caravans… As long as you don’t place the Master Blacksmith, you don’t need to build it. (let’s hope the devs don’t change the buck option on the quests!)

New free gift is Special Anvil. Update your wish list and send it to your friends!

This is the Master Blacksmith. Should you decide to buy it, you will need to fill it completely in order to be able to delete it later.


There are 5 stages to building the Master Smith. Each stage will earn you a chest with rewards inside.

  • Stage 1 (0-100 points)
  • Stage 2 (100-250 points)
  • Stage 3 (250-500 points)
  • Stage 4 (500-1500 points)
  • Stage 5 (1500-2500 points)

Stage 1 rewards

Stage 2 rewards

Note: Shavings drop Randomly when crafting Sturdy Sledge, Furnace Gear, Blacksmith Apron, and Forge Bellows.

New recipes in the Smithy: Sturdy Sledge

Furnace Gear

Forge Bellows

Blacksmith Apron

Bear Figurine

Dog Figurine

Horse Figurine

There are 7 Quests to this update:




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