Golden Frontier Gold Bearing River Update

The Gold Bearing River Update was released on 5/24/2017. 

Dear friends!

Meet our update GOLD-BEARING RIVER! We will have to go to the Lake! An old friend of James, William, asks us for help. Help William gather a full collection of River gold from Gold-bearing river, while also getting valuable materials for previous updates!

In this update:

New character: Old William
New buildings: River net, William’s house
New decorations: Restless sheep, Old fisherman, Keen seamstress

Your goal is to build William’s House using Gold found in the River net. Go to the Lake location as that is where this update takes place. William’s house will most likely be solely built by you. There are no free clicks and giving a click to a neighbor will come out of your inventory. There is NO Timer.

The River Nets is placed ON THE WATER.

Basic Directions to use the River Nets

Attention to gold diggers!

Meet Old William, a new character in Golden Frontier, once he has found a special, gold-bearing river, and became very rich. And he is willing to share with you the gifts of this river.

The Gold-bearing river is at the location of the lake. To start, you should buy the River Nets, as well as William’s House, which you will bring fished River gold. Place the River Nets on the Water by the Lake.

In order to proceed with the capture of River of gold, you need an elegant cane. It can be crafted in the Workshop. Every attempt to hunt for gold is worth one Elegant Cane. Also, do not forget to craft River Net, because without them you can not catch anything! They can be made in the Fisherman’s Shop.

And yes, the river has not only gold, but also ordinary branches, twigs and even broken bottles! Fortunately, the trading post you can exchange them for new river net.

So, What is the process of catching River Gold?
1. To use the River Nets, you must have a Elegant Cane. The cane is deducted for each entry in the mini-game (River Nets), regardless of whether you catch anything or not. Click “Start”
2. Important! You will have one minute to use the River Network. You may “x” out and stop the process but will lose all progress as well as the Elegant Cane. You will see a “pop-up” asking to confirm or cancel the action.
3. With the help of river net catch gold, branches and bottles. For each unit of the captured material 1 River Network is used. You can not catch more material than the river networks you have in stock.
4. When the timer expires, you will see a sign with the result: what is your catch and how many Networks were used.
5. If you have run out of the river network before the end of the timer, you will get a pop-up to purchase them directly from the window of the mini-games.
6. Be sure to wait until the end of the timer, or whatever you caught – will disappear.

You must have a Graceful Cane to play this mini game. Click Start.

Timer will count down to 0. Catch as much gold as you can while trying to avoid catching Branches, Twigs and Broken Bottles. Move your mouse to move the net. Anything caught in the net uses a River Net.

At the end, see this pop-up that tells you what you caught and how many River Net you used. If you do NOT see this pop-up, you receive nothing and the graceful cane is wasted. I recommend refreshing often so you receive the gold you catch!

You can exit the mini-game by clicking the “X”. However, all progress will be lost as well as the Elegant Cane used.

You can exchange Broken Bottles, Branches and Twigs you do happen to catch, but remember, you are using a River Net each time to catch one. (basically you are using 5 River Net to exchange for 1) Therefore I recommend Trying to catch the River gold and avoiding the rest. You will eventually catch enough to exchange for the quest without needing to try to!

William’s House Has 5 Stages. Use River Gold to build your William’s House.

  • Stage 0 (0-50 points)
  • Stage 1 (50-200 points)
  • Stage 2 (200-500 points)
  • Stage 3 (500-1200 points)
  • Stage 4 (1200-2000 points)
  • Stage 5 (gift)


Reminder that the River Gold used on a neighbor comes out of your inventory/warehouse. There are NO free clicks.

New Recipe in Workshop: Elegant Cane

Fisherman’s Shop: River Net

6 quests to this update:




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