Golden Frontier Carving Art Update

Carving Art was released on 5/18/2017.

Dear friends!

We got saplings of new iron trees! Grow them, gather special iron wood and create real works of art – carved monuments to Miners! Meet our update CARVING ART!

In this update:

New trees: Casuarina, Mesua, Pohutukawa.
New decorations: Antique lamppost, Silver lamppost, Minecart with pickaxes.
New orders from post pigeon!

The long and short of this update is that it is a 2 week limited time one. After 2 weeks you will NOT be able to craft any Monuments. The new trees however, will remain, as the materials will be used in future updates. Also be aware that the quest to craft a monument is timed. It also means that if you just do the regular quests with this update, you can let the timed one expire and really… not even craft one of you don’t want to. The Steel Plates we are using this week will also be needed next week.

The new free gift is Miner’s Memoirs. Don’t forget to update your wish list!

The 3 new trees can only be planted from Cloudy Lands. They cost 100 Coins each. There are 3 stages. They use 3 water each stage and you receive 1 wood each stage. When expired to will take 10 whacks (energy) to chop them down. You can also use dynamite on the trees after they are exhausted. (Receive 13 wood total for each tree planted and uses 9 water per tree.)

Your basic goal is to craft a Monument in the 2 week allotted time. Remember, it also takes 24 hours to craft a Monument.(You can only place ONE of each monument… so crafting 2 of the easy ones is futile since you will only be able to place ONE of them. 

The Bronze Monument gives 5 Sturdy Fretsaws and 1 Grass Cable or Steel every 24 hours.

The Silver Monument gives 10 Tempered pickaxes, 1 Fishing Line and 1 Lime every 24 hours.


The Gold Experienced Monument gives 15 Energy and 1 Thin Thread every 24 hours.


 ♦♦♦♦ Special Note: You cannot use Urgent orders or use bucks to instantly finish crafting the Monuments! ♦♦♦♦

New Sawmill Recipe: Iron Wood Beams

Printing Press: Digger’s Memoirs

Experienced Miner’s Memoirs

Workshop: Experienced Carpenter’s Set

Fireproof Mixture

Polishing Fabric

Set of Chisels

Soft Gloves

These are the Quests. Note: These are not timed and will not disappear in 2 weeks. These you must complete.




This quest is timed… you have 2 weeks from the time this update began to complete making 1 Monument….. OR… just complete the quests above and leave this timed one expire and skip making a Monument altogether!

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