Golden Frontier Unreleased Auriferous River Update

Dear friends!

We have to go to the lake! An old friend of James, William, asking us for help. Help William assemble a complete collection of River gold from gold-bearing river, obtaining valuable materials for the last update! Meet our update auriferous RIVER!

In this update:
New characters: The old man William
New Construction: Net on River House William
New Decorations: Troubled lamb, Old fisherman, hobby seamstress


Complete information for Facebook Version <— Click Here!

In this update we will be using the Workshop and Fisherman’s Shop. Most of the update takes place at the Lake location.  Similar to the Shooting Gallery update (Sad Children) there is a new building (House of William) that is placed and you need to fill on your own.

  • Items to stock up on are:
  • White Gold
  • Nickel Ingot
  • Ironwood Beams
  • Wool
  • Set of Needles
  • Thin Nets

Place the Network on the River in the WATER. You cannot place it on dry land!


The entire goal is to catch Gold in the net. You must have graceful canes in order to begin. Make sure you craft enough River Networks ahead of time.

Make sure you dedicate time on this because once you click that cane, a 60 second timer will begin. There is NO “x” to stop once you start. The only time it will stop during is if you run out of River Networks. Otherwise it will run until the timer stops at o.

As the timer ticks down items will drop from above. Unless for the one quest, you do NOT want to catch Broken Bottles, Twigs and Branches. You only want to catch the 3 different types of River Gold. Move your mouse cursor left and right to move the net to catch the River Gold. Each time you catch something in the Net, you use one up. If you run out of nets before the timer runs out, you will receive a pop up to purchase more nets.

Remember, only for the quest do you want to catch anything other than the River Gold. 

Special Note: You will want to refresh, or “x” out of this every 2-3 times while playing. If you don’t, the amount caught doesn’t always pop up and you do NOT receive what you caught if it doesn’t pop up and you also lose the river nets and the cane you used to play. 

New in Trading post: Change made Saturday 5/20/2017. You can trade in Broken Bottles, Twigs and Branches caught in the net for more nets… At the ratio of 5:1, you still really only want to catch gold in the net, but at least the other things caught aren’t completely wasted!

You will also place the House of William at the Lake.

This is why you only want to catch River Gold. You only catch it in the net… 

You fill your own House of William. 

  • Stage 0 (0-50 points)
  • Stage 1 (50-200 points)
  • Stage 2 (200-500 points)
  • Stage 3 (500-1200 points)
  • Stage 4 (1200-2000 points)
  • Stage 5 (gift)

Stage 4 goes to 2000 points.

Should you decide to visit a neighbor and give them a click, it will come out of YOUR inventory. There are NO FREE CLICKS. 

New recipe in the Workshop: Graceful Cane

Fisherman’s Shop: River Network x10

Quests are as follows:




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