Golden Frontier Long journey Update

Long Journey update was released on May 10, 2017. 

Dear friends!

While traveling with Daoudi family we will meet an owner of watermill stuck by a disaster! Help Ned Waterson remove the rockslide and rescue his pets! Meet our update LONG JOURNEY!

In this update:
New location: Dry dale
New character: Ned Waterson
New buildings: Ned’s boat, Watermill
New decorations: Decisive chief, Decorative bridge

Long Journey quest info <— click here!

Dry Dale is the newest Territory to open on the Map. It will cost 45 Food to travel there.

The new tree (Aspen) uses the Sturdy Fretsaw to chop it down. Receive 1 Aspen Wood for each whack and random drops of Aspen Bark.

The Boulder is the first obstacle to clear. It has one stage and then you fix the Ned’s boat which has 2 stages.



The Water Mill is next to be built. Inside are duplicate recipes that can be crafted in the Kitchen and Workshop.

Gabby is the first Sheep you need to help. Release her from the trap.

She will then need the Sheep bell being held by the Mischievous Raccoons.

Find the Mischievous Raccoons that stole the Sheep Bell so you can help Gabby.


Then feed her 3 Sheep Treats.

3 Sheep Delicacy

3 Sheep Feast

Last stage is 5 Sheep Feast.

Ellie is also in a trap. Release her first.

Then find Ellie’s favorite toy, taken by the Playful Raccoons.

Playful Raccoons are holding Ellie’s Favorite Toy hostage! 


Then feed Ellie 3 Sheep Delicacy

3 Sheep Treats

3 Sheep Feast

Last stage is 5 Sheep Feast

Cacti Fruit was added to the trading post with this update.

New Recipes in the sawmill: Aspen Board

Aspen Board x2

Printing Press: Boat Blueprints

Laboratory: Fuse

Strengthened Powder

Powerful Dynamite


Workshop: Shining Beads

Sturdy Fretsaw

Kitchen: Aromatic Herbs

Bundle of Grass

Grilled Vegetables



Sheep Delicacy

Sheep Feast

Sheep Treat

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