Golden Frontier Unreleased Carved Art Update

Dear friends!

We brought new sprouts, iron trees! Grow them, collect special railway timber, and create true works of art – carved monuments Miners! Meet our update carved art!

In this update:
New trees: Kuzuarina, Mesa, Metrosideros excelsa
new scenery: Old lamp Silver lamp trolley with picks
New orders in pigeon!


This update will require the use of the Workshop, Sawmill, Printing Press and Prospector’s Store. There is one timed quest to make one of the 3 available monuments in 2 weeks. I am unsure if you will be able to craft them afterward, so pick the monument you want to make and go for it!

Items to stock up on are:

To see a “numbered list”  of supplies <— Click Here!

  • Water
  • Green Thread
  • Soft Fabric
  • Woolen Fabric
  • Archaeologists Tools
  • Chrome Saw
  • Steel Plate
  • Acacia Timber
  • Emery
  • Quilted Fabric
  • Chrome Plate
  • Glass
  • Cotton Oil
  • Starch Glue
  • Flame (free gift)
  • High Grade Paper
  • Coal
  • Colored Ink (free gift)
  • Tempered Pickaxe

New free gift is Miner’s Memoirs. Update your wish list when the update comes!

There are 3 new trees: Mesquite, Casuarina and Pohutuawa. They cost 100 Coins each and take 20 minutes to harvest. You will probably want to plant at least 20 of each. (make sure you follow the quests as there is one to plant 5 of each)

All 3 trees have 3 total Stages. They use 3 water for each feed.


After the 3rd stage, the trees are exhausted and will take 10 whacks (energy) per tree to chop them down. So you get quite a bit of wood (13) per tree planted.


The goal of this update is to craft one of 3 different monuments in 2 weeks. There is a limit of 1 each. Your best bet is to pick the monument with the rewards you want to collect most and focus on it. If you can craft another or all 3… GREAT!!! (the Monuments are crafted in the Prospector’s Store in Gold Prospector Town. Note: They take 24 hours to craft and you cannot speed them up.)

The Bronze Miner’s Monument will be the easiest to make but has the lowest value rewards to collect. It gives 5 Sturdy Fretsaws and 1 Lime every 24 hours.

This is the recipe to craft the Bronze Miner’s Monument.

The Silver Miner’s Monument gives 10 Tempered Pickaxe and 1 Grass Rope or 1 Steel every 24 hours.

Silver Miner’s Monument Recipe:

The Gold Experienced Miner’s Monument is the most difficult to craft but has better rewards. It gives 15 energy and 1 Thin Thread every 24 hours.

Experienced Miner’s Monument Recipe:

New Recipe in Printing Press: Experienced Miner’s Recollections

Miner’s Recollection

Sawmill: Ironwood Beams


Polishing Fabric

Refractory Mix

Set of Chisels

Soft Gloves





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