Golden Frontier Unreleased Long Distance Update

Dear friends!

Traveling with a family of Daudi, we will meet a host of water mill, which is caught by misfortune! Help Ned Watterson dismantle the dam and save the pets! Meet our update further way!

In this update:
New location: Dry dale
New characters: Ned Watterson
New Construction: Marine Ned, Watermill
New decoration: A strong leader, decorative bridge



Note: I will put together as much as I can when I have time… 

It will cost 45 Food to travel to the new “Dry Dale” location

Similar to Vultures Canyon, there will be fog. As you walk/chop, the fog will lift.

Cacti Fruit will be added to the Trading Post.

The new trees is the Aspen which gives Aspen Wood and smaller amounts of Aspen Bark. Use Durable Coping Saws to chop Aspen Trees.

You will have to clear a Boulder.

Build Boat


The Water Mill has 1 Building Stage. Recipes inside are duplicate from the Kitchen and Workshop.

The Lake Raccoons give the Sheep Bell when passed.


Playful Raccoons give the Dolly.


The stage to pass is the same for both.

The Trapped Sheep has 5 stages.

  • Stage 2= 3 Sheep Entertainment
  • Stage 3= 3 Sheep Delicacy
  • Stage 4= 3 Sheep Feast
  • Stage 5= 5 Sheep Feast

New Recipes in the Sawmill: Aspen Board

Aspen Board x2

Printing Press: Boat Drawings

Laboratory: Powerful Dynamite

Reinforced Gunpowder


Workshop: Durable Coping Saw x10

Shiny Beads

Kitchen: Fragrant Grasses

Grass Bunch

Roasted Vegetables


Sheep Delicacy x3

Sheep Entertainment x3

Sheep Feast x3

This is all the information I have at this time.


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