Golden Frontier Feathered Guests Update

Feathered Guests was released on May 3, 2017. This is a 2 week limited time temporary update with a top 100 contest.

Dear friends!

While Falconer was busy, Poachers settle on Mountains to catch birds. Head to Mountains along with Hunter! Collect bird tracks for Falconer by saving them, participate in contest and get valuable materials! Meet our update FEATHERED GUESTS!

In this update:
New guest: Falconer!
New decorations: Poacher, Chicks on tree

New crop is Plain Moss. 1 hour until harvest is ready.

Plant Plain Moss and receive 1 Wet Moss, 1 Soft Moss and 1 Branched Moss every time.

When planted on seed beds, use the new Fresh Fertilizer (from alpaca) to instantly make them ready.

You can use regular Fertilizer to instantly harvest when planted from the Greenhouse.

Place the Falconer on the Mountain location.

Click on the Falconer to see your progress. Collect Bird tracks dropped from rescued birds to claim Chests and enter the top 100. Rewards inside the Chests will help you build your Sad Children.

Rewards inside the 1st Chest

2nd Chest

3rd Chest

4th Chest

Trapped birds will also be found at the Mountain. Release then to receive Bird Tracks and collect rewards and enter the top 100 at the Falconer.

Caught Seagull is the easiest bird and gives the least amount of Bird Tracks.


Caught Albatross


Caught eagle is the hardest one because it takes the most materials to craft, but it also gives the most Bird Tracks every time.


New Workshop Recipe: Dressing x2

Kitchen: Seagulls Feed

Albatross Feed

Eagle Feed

Top 100 contest rewards:

Figurine of Seagull

Figurine of Albatross

Figurine of Eagle

Only 5 quests to this update:





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