Golden Frontier Unreleased Feathered Guests Update

Dear friends!

While the hunter was busy Poachers chosen Mountains for catching birds. Go along with him to help – in the mountains! Rescuing birds gather in their tracks for Falconer, Participates in the ranking and get valuable materials. Meet our update feathered visitors!

In this update:
New guest: Falconer
New scenery: Poacher, nestling on the tree

Attention! At the time of Topa, the price of the flight in the mountains has been reduced from 20 to 10 Meal!

This update revolves around the Mountains and will be a temporary 2 week update with a top 100 contest. Eagles give the most Bird Tracks.

  • Thin Thread
  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • Apples
  • Raw Meat
  • Bird Fodder
  • Fish with Vegetables
  • Fertilizer (possibly)
  • Fresh Fertilizer (possibly)


The Mosses can be planted in seed beds or the greenhouse. When planting in a seed bed it uses the new Fresh Fertilizer to speed up. When planted from the Greenhouse it uses regular fertilizer. I am not sure if it will stay in the greenhouse or not when this comes to Face Book. You plant 1 crop but you get 1 each of all 3 mosses, so the cost isn’t so bad considering you obtain 3 from 1 planting.


Caught Eagles, Caught Seagulls and and Caught Albatross can be found on the Mountain location only. Rescue them by giving them the items they are requesting.

Caught Albatross


Caught Eagle


Caught Seagull


When rescuing them you receive experience and random amounts of Bird Traces.

The Falconer is placed on the Mountain. 

Inside the Falconer is where you claim rewards from collecting the Bird Traces and the Top 100.

New craft in the Workshop: Bandages

New crafts in the Kitchen: Feed for Albatross

Feed for Eagle

Feed for Seagull

Only 5 quests with this update:




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