Golden Frontier Shooting Gallery Update

The Shooting Gallery Update was released on 4/27/2017. 

Dear friends!

A good sheriff must take care of all the town’s residents – even the youngest ones. Together with sheriff Stevenson visit the shooting gallery and win plush toys for saddened children! Meet our update PRIZE SHOOTING-RANGE!

In this update:
New buildings: Shooting gallery, Sad children
New decorations: Cotton candy seller, Sheriff’s pastime

A new structure called the Sad Children is introduced. It’s not really a “clickable” per se…. there are no free clicks. This one you will mostly build yourself. You can have it in the loading zone on Cloudy in case players have extra plush bears, but it is likely they will fill their own before handing out to neighbors. There are no “Timers.”

There are 4 stages to building the Sad Children with the 4th stage as the gift. Use Plush Bears, Plush Bunnies and Plush Huskies to fill your Sad Children and make them Happy again. 

  • Stage 0 (o-100 points)
  • Stage 1 (100-250 points)
  • Stage 2 (250-500 points)
  • Stage 3 (gift)


Reminder: Plush bears are NOT a free click to help neighbors, they will come out of your own inventory.

prize for completing sad children

Place the Prize Shooting Range and then use the new crafts (workshop) to win prizes and build the Sad Children. There are 18 possible combinations that mat come up to win Plush Bears, Plush Bunnies and Plush Huskies. They are RANDOM.







New Crafts in the Workshop that need no Huntsmen: Crushed Can

Old Can


Sturdy Can

Tin Can

Toy Rifle

There are only 4 quests in this update



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