Golden Frontier Unreleased Prize Tir Update

Dear friends!

Good sheriff is obliged to take care of all the inhabitants of the city – even the smallest ones. Together with the sheriff Stevenson visit thier prize and win the stuffed toys for sad children! Meet our update PRIZE TIR!

In this update:
New construction: The prize shooting range, children Sad
new scenery: Seller cotton candy, Recreation sheriff


The good news is that there is NO Timer. Some material requirements may be overwhelming but with no timer, you will be able to work through the update. This update takes place on Cloudy Lands. My suggestion: Do what you can when you can… Putter at it and don’t panic. This is doable, just at a slower pace and that’s ok! 

Things to stock up on… No amounts will be given because RANDOM exchanges mean that it will be different for each player. HOWEVER, if you look at the exchanges, there are multiples. 

  • White Gold
  • File
  • Steel Mug
  • Natural Rubber
  • Silver 
  • Iron Ingot
  • Tempered Pickaxe
  • Tweezers
  • Sharp Tools
  • Rough Metal
  • Sheet Metal
  • Flame
  • Steel
  • Oak Logs
  • Powder

“Sad Children” is the new clickable introduced.

There are 4 levels to the Sad Children. You fill your own clickable mostly. Teddy Bear (1 point) Plush Bunny (2 points) Plush Fox (4 points)

  • Level 0 (o-100 points)
  • Level 1 (100-250 points)
  • Level 2 (250-? points)
  • Level 3 (gift)


There is NO Free Clicking with this one. To help a neighbor you must use your own Teddy Bears. It is most likely that players will fill their own and not give too many Teddys away as clicks. 

The Prize Shooting Range is used to exchange the new crafts for Teddy Bears, Plush Bunny and Plush Fox. This works like the Sheriff, Vlad, Edwards, etc. Refreshing does not change what is being asked for. You must have what is required, and it will be RANDOM. There are 18 possible combinations that can come up for the exchange.







The Workshop is where the new recipes are crafted.

Durable Can

Mint Can

Old Can


Tin Can

Toy Gun

There are only 4 quests with this update:



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