Golden Frontier Vulture’s Canyon Update

Vulture’s Canyon Was released on 4/40/2017.

A couple of days ago a huntsman heard screams for help from gloomy canyon! Let’s join him and rush onwards – to VULTURE’S CANYON!

In this update:
New location: Vulture’s canyon!
New buildings: Settler’s hut
New character: Dan Daoudi
New recipes in production buildings!

Vulture’s Canyon Quests <— Click here!

New free gift is Protective Gloves. You will need a lot of them to clear the Bradesmeid Cactus for the Bradesmaid Cactus and Cactus Fruit… These are not sendable, not even thru the wish list so make sure you send them and have your wish list updated!

It will cost 65 Food to travel to the new Vulture’s Canyon location.

Protective Gloves are needed to clear the Bradesmeid Cactus to get Bradesmeid Cactus and Cactus Fruit. Cactus fruit is not dropped with every whack… it is a chance. 

Use the File made in the Workshop to harvest Acacia Timber from the Sand Acacia.

Use Tempered Pickaxe made in the Workshop to harvest Sandstone from the Sandstone Boulders

You can use Energy or regular Dynamite to harvest Feather Grass and Tumbleweed.


Make your way through the fog by making a few chops here and there. The fog is relatively easy to lift if you make the new Tempered Pickaxes and Files before you try to clear.

The Rockslide is the first thing to clear. Click the Picture below for Rockslide Stages

Next is the Sleeping Buffalo. Click the Picture below for Buffalo Stages.

The Settler’s Hut is what you will want to find and build next. You will need it to craft the recipes in other stages. Click the picture below for building requirements.

Couple of Coyotes are blocking the way to the chest of Lost Provisions. You will need to get past them to get to it. Click the Picture below for Coyote Stages.

Inside the Lost Provisions are bucks, Exp, Collection items and the missing Wagon Wheel needed to fix  Daoudi’s Carriage across the river.

You will need to repair the Bridge across the River to get to Daoudi’s Carriage. Click the picture below to see the Bridge building requirements.

Daoudi’s Carriage needs to be repaired. Click the picture below for building requirements.

Guilded dish is in the Trading Post

Steel Plate Recipe added to the Smithy instead of just the Metalworking shop in Colmenfield.

New Kitchen Recipes: Cacti Salad

Dish for Buffaloes

Hearty Dinner

Meat Broth

Meat Dish

New Workshop Recipes: File

Grass Cable

Tempered Pickaxe

New Recipes in Settler’s Hut: Construction Rivets

Sandstone Brick

Hard Board

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