Golden Frontier Unreleased Vulture’s Gorge Update

Dear friends!

A few days ago a hunter heard cries for help from a gloomy gorge! Together with him let us go forward to a new location! Meet our update GORGE vultures!

In this update:
New location: Gorge vultures
New buildings: Cabin migrant
new character: Den Daudi
New recipes in industrial buildings



It will cost 65 food to travel to the new Vulture’s Gorge.

Things to stock on… there are other items but these will be mostly what is needed (from what I have seen so far.) This update is another doozy, so be prepared to work hard and PUTTER through. There is no timer involved! There are a LOT of materials needed… You will need to make lots of the Rasps and Hardened Picks, but the recipes make multiples… 20 Rasps and 10 Hardened picks at a time. Having more is netter than not enough. Plan to make at least 40 to 50 of each of those recipes. 

  • Fried Sausage (Sausage/Turkey meat)
  • Steel
  • Pineapple
  • Provisions– (lots of food in basket/bag/compact magnifying glass/cedar tar/binoculars)
  • Pickaxes
  • Nails
  • Silver
  • Burners
  • Cable
  • Thin Thread
  • Sheet Metal
  • Chrome Hammers
  • Tomato
  • Raw Meat
  • Cacti Juice
  • Salt (free gift)
  • Water
  • Steel Plate
  • Flame (free gift)
  • Tarp (5)
  • Plywood (25)
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Dynamite

New free gift: Protective Gloves. Make sure you update your wish list!

Upon entering the Vulture’s Gorge, you will need to clear the first obstruction. After clearing the obstruction, collect coins and experience every 8 hours from it.

As you walk, the fog lifts.

Click on the Vultures in the tree

Next is the Buffalo. The Buffalo disappear into the cave after you clear them.

Lifting the fog is somewhat similar to Lost Islands, only a bit easier, but still tricky. When chopping, fog will lift, but if you go to an inside area too far, it will direct you somewhere else to chop. Slowly move in the direction you want to go by trying different things to make the fog lift. (Using Dynamite may also be helpful on the items that use energy to clear)

I forgot to take a total beginning shot of all the fog (oops) but here is almost what it will look like when you start.

After all fog is lifted.

My suggestion is to use energy, as many of the energy consuming items only have a few whacks, and just a couple whacks is enough to lift the fog

The next thing you will need to find in the fog is the Shack/Migrant Cabin. It’s really quite easy to find. (new crafting building)

Once found, you will need to build it.


Bridge over water may be cleared next

There will be a Pair of Coyotes that need to be cleared before you can get to the lost Chest. Inside the Lost Chest is the “Wheel for Cart” needed to fix the Cart.

Pair of Coyotes walk away after you have cleared them.


The Cart is fixed Last.

After fixing the cart, they drive off into the fog and disappear.

Recipes in the Shack: Construction Rivets

Sandstone and Brick

Strong Board

Sandstone is obtained from the Sandstone Ore using the new Hardened Picks

Acacia Timber is obtained from the Sandy Acacia using the new Rasp.

Cactus is obtained from the big cactus using the new free gift: Protected Gloves

Feather Grass Is Obtained by chopping the feather grass tufts. 1 energy per whack

Tumbleweed is obtained by chopping the Tumble grass. 1 energy per whack.

Gold Plated Bowl exchanged in Trading Post

New Kitchen Recipes: Hearty Meal

Cactus Salad

Dish for Buffalo

Meat Broth

Meat Plate

New Workshop Recipes: Rasp x20

Hardened Pick x10

Herbal Rope

Steel Plate recipe from Metalworking shop will be added to the Smithy



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