Golden Frontier Bill’s House Update

Bill’s House was released on April 12, 2017. 

Dear friends!

Old chap Bill for a long time dreamed of getting his own house – a warm and cozy one. Together with him restore his camp, and then help him make his dream real! Meet our update BILL’S HOUSE!

In this update:

New buildings Bill’s house, Travel Camp
New decorations: Workplace, Signpost
New friend Post pigeon

How does the Post pigeon work? Easy. Order a necessary material using Post pigeon – wait for your friends to visit it – collect required amount of visits – get the material you order. You can order the material using the Post pigeon once a day. Manage to get the necessary number of friend’s visits before the timer runs out to get the material you order! Click the Picture below for detailed explanation of the Pigeon Post!

Bill’s House Quests <— Click here!

The new crafting building is the Travel Camp placed in Colmenfield. Click the picture for Building requirements and recipes.

Bills House is also placed in Colmenfield. Make sure to place as close to the loading area as possible. 

Fill Bill’s house by crafting items or letting neighbor’s do the free clicks each day. 

  • Stage 0 (0-25)
  • Stage 1 (25-100)
  • Stage 2 (100-250)
  • Stage 3 (250-500)
  • Stage 4 (500-900)
  • Stage 5 (gift)




New Recipes in the Travel Camp: Construction Beams

Spring Mechanism

Sturdy Nails

Kitchen: Provisions

Workshop: Compact Magnifying Glass

Camp Pot

Convenient Sieve

Steel Mug

Tent Fabric

Travel Kit

Mischievous Puppies gives 1 Thin Net and 2 Butterfly Nets every 12 hours.


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