Golden Frontier Pigeon Post

The Pigeon Post was introduced with the Bill’s House Update released on 4/12/2017. Place the Pigeon on Cloudy Lands near the BOAT so neighbors will find it easy. This feature will help all players obtain items from past updates without the need of materials. You can use the Pigeon ONCE a day.

To use the Pigeon, click on it and a menu of items will appear. Place an order from the menu. The amount of clicks you need to fill an order is on the picture.






There will be a timer that your order has to finish. Friends will visit and click in your Pigeon. I ordered a Gold Nugget which needed 6 clicks in 18 ish hours.

When your order is ready, an icon of what you ordered will be above the Pigeon.

There is a resting period in between orders. You can use your Pigeon ONCE a day.

When visiting from Cloudy Lands, a neighbor’s Pigeon will have the “finger pointing” icon signaling that it is ready.

If the Pigeon is at rest on a neighbor, there will NOT be an icon above it’s head.

Even if you click on it, you will get a message that they haven’t placed an order. Come back tomorrow and try again!

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