Golden Frontier Unreleased Bill’s House Update

Dear friends!

Ol ‘Bill has long dreamed of their own home – warm and cozy. Along with him, restore his camp, and then – help him to realize his dream into reality! Meet our update BILL’S HOUSE!

In this update:
– New construction: House Bill, marching camp
– New sets: Workstation, Index
– A new friend: Homer


Bill’s House quest information <— Click here!

This update has a few difficult elements, but the rest is quite easy if you choose to do it the easy way! Normally we recommend following the quest book… but if you are level 15, you will be able to visit Colmenfield and participate in this update. There is a new clickable, and we all know that the “clicking” is best the first week of a new clickable being introduced! The more difficult parts can sit until you are able to do them. NO WORRIES! There is also a new pigeon that you will send for supplies that is introduced with this update but has nothing to do with building Bill’s House.

The new “clickable” Bill’s house is placed in COLMENFIELD. It will only cost 20 Cents to purchase. Rewards for leveling include Butterfly Jars, Thin Nets, Life Points, Cedar Tar,  Collections, Coins, Experience, etc etc… mostly items to help with the last two super tough updates.


This is a VERY EASY build for any player!

This is about the area the game loads at in Colmenfield. The IDEAL place to put Bill’s House would be where the well originally located. Make it easy on your neighbors by placing it as close as possible to where the game loads at! 

Don’t forget… Have your game loaded at COLMENFIELD before you start visiting. You will already arrive in your neighbor’s Colmenfield location and eliminate searching at the top for the location!

There are 2 ways to level Bill’s House. Neighbors will click and you can craft Strong Nails, Construction Beams and Spring Mechanisms to help you build. 

  • Level 0 (0-25 points)
  • Level 1 (25-100 points)
  • Level 2 (100-250 points)
  • Level 3 (250-500 points)
  • Level 4 (500-900 points)
  • Level 5 (gift)




You probably won’t craft many items to fill yourself because of material requirements and lower level players not being able to do much… LET YOUR NEIGHBORS DO IT FOR YOU!! This will be a TEAM WORK operation and you can have at least the first 3 levels done the morning the update arrives.

The Marching Camp is where you craft the Strong Nails, Construction Beams and Spring Mechanisms… You can have 4 of them. First Marching Camp costs 1000 Coins. 2nd costs 50 GF Bucks. I do not know the cost of a 3rd or 4th because honestly I only built 1.



These are the recipes to craft and add to your Bill’s House and honestly, the material requirements are too much for building a clickable. Just let your neighbors free click and build it for you as well as you clicking on your neighbors to help them. It is the simplest, easiest way!

Strong Nails

Construction Beams

Spring Mechanism

Other new recipes in the Kitchen: Provisions

New Workshop recipes: Camp Kettle

Compact Magnifier

Convenient Screen

Marching Set

Steel Mug

Tent Fabric

Homer is the new postal pigeon feature that will be done from Cloudy Lands. 


Make sure you place Homer by the boat on Cloudy Lands.

You will be able to obtain items from older updates without using resources. Pick an item you would like Homer to deliver. 






 Next to the item is a number of “clicks” you will need in order to receive what you wanted. I ordered Work Gloves so I would need 3 clicks in order to receive them. If you don’t get the clicks, you don’t get the item. 

When you have received the clicks you need in the allotted time, Homer will have an apple letting you know he is ready to deliver. After a rest period you will be able to use Homer again.

So, the basic instructions to use Homer:

  • Place Homer on Cloudy by the Boat.
  • Place your order.
  • Receive clicks needed.
  • Receive your order.
  • Wait resting period.
  • Place another order.
  • This counts as one of your 200 daily neighbor clicks.

Note: When visiting a neighbor, only neighbors that have the “hand” icon above Homer can be clicked. If it isn’t there, the neighbor’s Homer cannot be clicked. (they either haven’t placed an order or He is resting.


When you completely finish your Bill’s House, you will receive a Lake Puppies Decor. It will also give you a quest to place them. It gives 1 Thin Net, 2 Butterfly Nets, Coins and Experience every 24 hours.


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