Golden Frontier Heroic Rescue Update

The Heroic Rescue Update was released on 4/5/2017. This is a “Limited Time” 2 week update that you will not be able to participate in at a later date. You will need to be somewhat current in the game and have a Metalworking Shop and Sturdy Barn.

Dear friends!

Robbers from Brittle gang kidnapped the traveling merchant’s daughter! Hurry to save the captive from dangerous dungeon together with Sheriff! Meet our update HEROIC RESCUE!

In this update:
– New building: Entrance to the dungeon
– New decorations: Canary in cage, Pretty lady.

This update takes place at the Mountains Location.

Place your Dungeon Entrance at the Mountains. (you won’t be able to place it anywhere else anyway)

Similar to the “Cave and Abandoned Mine” Updates, you will move around inside the dungeon and unlock blocks to find treasures. Collect treasures and earn rewards.

There are 4 recipes you craft. Blocks will have the item crafted that is used to “move” and open the block. You must have the item or else you cannot move.

Top left is the chart that tells you how many items you have to use and your “Life Points.”

You start with 5 Life Points. Along the way you will come across Walls and Traps (death traps) Walls will NOT take a Life Point away. A Trap will. (that’s why I call them death traps!)

Life points will replenish 1 every hour for a MAX of 5 Life points. (This was a major change between the Facebook version and VK. When first released, on VK, Life Points replenished every 2 hours and you only received 1 Life Point.)


Claim Treasures to buy rewards in the Shop.

The reward shop is on the top right.

These are the rewards.  This is a tough update and item requirements will be hard to craft. Also an FYI: the Ancient Ruins are basic decor and give nothing.

Recipes crafted in the Guide’s Hut at the Mountain: Note that urgent orders may be used. 

Iron Binoculars

Lockpick Set

Sturdy Torch


There are only 3 Quests to this Update. Note: You will receive a “More Coins” book immediately upon completing the Caution Saves Health quest. It automatically makes you earn DOUBLE the coins for 24 hours. 

Save the Trader’s Daughter who is held captive in the Dungeon. (don’t confuse her with the Pretty Lady you can buy with chests) She is hidden somewhere in the Dungeon. 


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