Golden Frontier Unreleased Heroic Rescue Update

Dear friends!

Rogues of Brittle gang kidnapped daughter of an itinerant merchant! Together with the Sheriff’s hurry to release the captive from a dangerous dungeon! Meet our update heroic rescue!

In this update:
– New building: Entrance to the dungeon
– New decoration: Canary in the cage, nice lady, Ancient Ruins

Facebook Version info <— Click here


New changes in the VK version of the game: on Monday 4/3/2017 the Life is replenished in 1 hour! This is huge!!

Also it seems that the 7 day timed quest has been deleted so there may not be a timed quest at all for this update.

They also added an extra 5 days to this update due to the difficulty level. We will see what happens when released to facebook!

This update takes place at the MOUNTAIN location. It is a TEMPORARY 2 week limited time update. After 2 weeks you will not be able to participate.

The Guide’s hut will be used to craft the 4 new recipes. You will need to have been to Colmenfield and have the Sturdy Barn and Metalworking Shop built in order to participate in this update.

On the Mountain you will place the Entrance to the Dungeon.


Inside the dungeon is similar to the Cave and Mine updates with some new changes.

In order to move, you have to craft the item for the block…. the icon in the block is the craft needed. Whether it’s a Winch, Set of Keys, Iron Binoculars or Durable Torch. (made in Guide’s Hut)

You receive 10 experience for each block you move. The goal is to keep clearing blocks to find chests. There is NOTHING INSIDE THE CHESTS. Chests are used to purchase rewards. Note that you cannot see where the chests are hidden this time.

To make moves you need to have the Glass Lives. As you move, you keep your life unless you hit a “Death Trap” or Wall. Hitting one will rob you of your life. You only receive a few lives at the beginning. When you run out of lives, the timer will count down.

Your Life (red glass heart) will replenish in 1 hour. After 1 hour you have 1 life to keep moving. YOU DO NOT HAVE MORE THAN 1 LIFE REPLENISHED. This is different than the last two updates in which there replenish 1 every 10 minutes up to 12.

Be prepared to run into Several Death Traps in a row. Remember, Death Trap = lose life. It takes 1 hour to replenish that life!

New items are NOT sendable or able to be added to wish list. You are on your own!

These are the rewards.


New Crafts in Guide’s Hut at Mountain: Note that urgent orders can be used and no huntsmen are needed.

Durable Torch

Iron Binoculars

Set of Keys


These are the 5 Quests in this update. Note: The Trader’s daughter is hidden somewhere in the Dungeon. Finding her will pass this quest. 






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