Golden Frontier Butterfly Collector Update

The Butterfly Collector Update was released on 3/29/2017. (You must be caught up enough and have a Metalworking  Shop and Sturdy Barn in order to be able to craft materials needed for this update.) Be prepared to be in this for the long haul because it will tale many hours of crafting to complete the Orangery.

Spring came to our lands, and now it’s time to catch butterflies! Help the collector fill his orangery with butterflies and get valuable prizes! Meet our update BUTTERFLY COLLECTOR!

In this update:
– New building: Orangery
– New decorations: Butterfly huntress, Flowerbed with butterflies.

Butterfly Collector Quest information <—- click here!

On Cloudy Lands you will find Flocks of Butterflies that need a Butterfly net in order to catch them. Catch 1-4 Butterflies each time. Types of butterflies are random when caught.


Build the Orangery and when complete it will give 1 GF buck every 24 hours. There are 6 building stages. Turn in 100 butterfly collections to fully build the Orangery. It took about 400 nets total (about 134 Butterfly Net recipes)


Turn in butterfly collections to complete each stage



New Workshop recipes: Butterfly Net x3

Set of Needles

Thin Net

Thin Thread


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