Ways to earn Energy

Since it is increasingly more difficult for new players to obtain energy for game play, we have come up with some ways to help you. These are old items that perhaps many have forgotten about. None of these options give you a ton of energy, but they do add up.

The Mansion in the Trading Post costs 200 Gold Nuggets. You can have 1 Mansion per location. The Mansion cannot be deleted. (It will add 5 energy points to you energy bar. When your energy bar is under the max total, you earn 1 energy every 3 minutes. The higher you have your max total, the more energy you will earn for free.)



There are 17 locations you can place and build a Mansion. That would give your max earned energy an additional 85 points.

  • Cloudy Lands
  • Gold Prospector Town
  • White Hills
  • Valley
  • Mountain Pass
  • Mountains
  • Town
  • Coast
  • Archaeological Island
  • Coast
  • Lake
  • Rock Stone
  • Johntown
  • Colmenfield
  • Lost City
  • San Monsano
  • Del-Rio Pass

Diamonds can be traded in the trading post for a vial that gives 15 energy. Diamonds are obtained by clearing Quartz deposits at Cave territory. 

Gold Cups can be traded in the trading post for 15 energy. Gold cups are obtained by upgrading the Pyramid & clearing ruins at Archaeological Island and some of the new locations. They also randomly drop when collecting from the Schooner. 

Turn in your Mountain Collection for Helmets (or craft them) and use them in the cave at the Mountains.

Stage 1 of the Cave in the Mountains can be filled once every 24 hours. You can also craft Oil Lamps and Trolleys to help you fill stage 1 . Get at least 1 energy for each Helmet used and an additional bonus amount of energy for filling the stage. 

You can also fill stage 1 of the Pyramid on Archaeological Island every 24 hours and receive energy.

The Island Landscape can be bought and built using Pencils, etc. It gives 1 Big Brush every 24 hours.

Lastly, visiting neighbors and clicking on Totems and Circus tents for those players who still have some left. You still receive 1 energy for every 5 actions done on a neighbor even if they have no clickables. There are a max of 200 actions a day. doing the max 5 actions on 40 neighbors every day will give you an additional 40 energy….more if they still have precious clickables.

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One Response to Ways to earn Energy

  1. Bad Kitty says:

    It’s great that you notice the changes. However, you say “you” as in the person writing this blog post or the admin in groups. We have no control over what happens with the game. We give tips, write game information and help people as much as possible. That doesn’t mean we have any control over changes as this is just a blog for Golden Frontier. If you have suggestions for the developers, contact GFC directly and message them. https://www.facebook.com/Golden-Frontier-Community-1589123588037160/?fref=ts

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