Golden Frontier Unreleased Butterfly Collector Update

Dear friends!

On our land spring came, and the time has come to catch butterflies! Help fill the greenhouse with butterfly collections and get valuable prizes! Meet our update COLLECTOR BUTTERFLIES!

In this update:
– New building: Greenhouse 
– The new scenery: Stalker butterflies, butterfly flower bed


While playing on Vk and doing this update I have done the totals for it. Let’s just say that if released to facebook the way it is on VK, there isn’t a single player that will have the energy and resources needed to complete it in the next couple months. Therefore, take the info with a grain of salt because it is likely to change… I pray. 

People are asking about totals… of hints. I wasn’t going to put them here but don’t forget… you were warned! These totals don’t include making alpaca forage. I am hoping they will change recipes or amounts BEFORE released to facebook. 

Totals are figured based on turning in one collection for each. 100 collections at 5 butterflies in each collection = catching 500 butterfles=250 butterfly nets… MINIMUM. Butterfly net recipe makes 3… so 84 butterfly net recipes… MINUMUM. (with the new changes of collecting from 1-4 butterflies each time)

Totals haven’t changed because stage 6 doubled what was needed…. but now collecting 1-4 butterflies each time made the totals about the same depending on what YOU personally catch. 

We need minimum of 84 shears, 84 cedar tar,
168 light alpaca, 168 dark alpaca, 84 cedar mallet,
84 steel plates… to make 84 Butterfly recipes…..

not even breaking down materials
to make
84 cedar mallets= 252 cedar tar + 84 cedar timber…

cedar timber= 164 cedar tar+ 420 cedar logs

materials for 84 steel plates=
84 light hammers, 84 cold water,84 iron ingots, 84 limonite.

Light hammer= 84 cedar timber+ 84 Iron Ingots=

Add in another 252 cedar tar+ 420 cedar logs for the cedar timbers
to make the light hammers.

And total of 168 iron ingots.
164 iron ingots= 164 flame, 164 cold water, 164 limonite

Total of 264 cold water needed= 264 oak boards and 264 more cedar timber
264 oak boards= 528 cedar tar+ 1320 oak logs
264 more cedar timber for cold water= 1320 cedar logs+ 528 more cedar tar

1808 cedar tar needed= 12,656 cedar cones 5424 flame

12,656 cedar cones
5588 Flame
168 light Alpaca
168 Dark Alpaca
2162 Cedar logs
248 Limonite
1320 Oak Logs
84 Garden Pruning Shears

I estimate needing at least 50,000 energy to chop everything including both grasses needed to make all the alpaca forage….

Oh… 1 more thing… All of this for a building that gives a buck a day…..

Butterfly Quest info <— Click here!

All over Cloudy Lands you will see swarms of butterflies. 1 Butterfly net is required to catch 1 of 5 different butterflies. The butterflies are random. Clicking the “help” button in the Greenhouse for a particular butterfly doesn’t necessarily get you the butterfly you need.

The Green house has 6 building stages. The first 2 are easy.



Basically to fill a collection you need 1 of each butterfly. When the collection is full, you add it to the jar. When the jar is full you move onto the next stage. I do not have stage 6 info and most likely won’t because there aren’t enough resources.



Even though there are only 5 stages here… that means a minimum of 84 Butterfly net recipes (each recipe makes 3 Butterfly Nets) if you catch the correct butterflies…. More for stage 6…..

New recipes in the Workshop: Butterfly Net x3

Set of Needles

Thin Thread

Thin Net


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