Golden Frontier Let’s Go Fishing Update

Let’s go Fishing was released on 3/22/2017. In this update:
– New constructions: Fishing pier
– New plants: Pearl barley patch
– New decorations: Pond of fish, Fisherman’s bush

Fishing Quest info <— click here!

This will be a 2 week limited time Top 100 Fishing Competition Update. Similar to the last few Top 100’s, you will earn and claim rewards as you go.

You can either putter through and do the best you can or just plain skip it… The rewards are really not worth the resources needed and the lack of cedar cones is becoming an issue… honestly, I would save them because you are going to need them for the next update as well and hopefully they will be in the trading post soon.

***Note: You will NOT be able to build the Pier if you don’t have the Metalworking Shop.

New crop is Pearl Barley. Harvest time is 24 hours. Cost to plant is 4 Cents. You will only earn 3 Cents back when harvesting BUT…. you harvest 5 Barley for each plot. Losing a few cents really is no big deal… you will save energy with this one… planting 100 Pearl Barley will give you 500… rather than planting 500 to get 500… saving you 400 energy. 

Fresh Fertilizer will do wonders for you with this crop to speed up and be able to have some right away to use for fishing.

It will cost 25 Cents to buy the Arbitor Fisherman. Clicking on him will show you the Top 100 Competition and is where you claim your prizes.

Prizes are claimed by how many kilograms of fish are caught- not by how many.


It will cost 50 Cents to buy the Fishing Pier. Place the pier on the water top left.

Building stages:



Once you complete building the Pier, you click on it to go fishing. Click “begin” to cast.

You will have the option to choose different baits to go fishing with. You can use more that one of the same bait to give yourself a better chance of catching a large fish. The bar on the left with the % is where you see your chance. Click begin to start fishing.

***NOTE*** the type of lure you choose only changes the waiting time to catch the fish. Spending bucks on the type of lure doesn’t give you any better of a chance than plain ole’ worms which are the easiest bait to craft.

Once you begin fishing, a timer will appear. If you click the “x” you will stop fishing and your bait is not lost. You can speed up the wait time by “throwing the lure” and using Pearl Barley. Using crafted Big Pearl Barley will instantly make the cast ready.

When the timer is done a fish will bite. You have about 3 seconds to click and catch the fish. If you miss pulling the fish up you lose your bait and have to try again. Don’t get distracted!

Usually a picture will appear that you caught a fish… sometimes it does not show up. At first we thought that you didn’t actually catch a fish every time you pull up, but after testing and looking at the kilograms before and after, we realized you do catch a fish every time.

New recipes in the Sturdy Barn: Big Pearl Barley Handful

Bright Lure

Fishing Line

Fishing Rod

Flake Bait




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