Golden Frontier Unreleased Go Fishing Update

Dear friends!

Take part in competitions on catching fish. Fish up the largest number of kilograms of fish and get stunning prizes! Meet our updates go fishing!

In this update:
– New construction: Fishing Pier
– New plant: beds with barley
– New decorations: A pond with fish, bush fisherman



This will be a 2 week limited time Top 100 Fishing Competition Update. Similar to the last few Top 100’s, you will earn and claim rewards as you go. 

Free gifts you will need for this update will be Flame and Garden Pruning Shears. Other items from Colmenfield that will be helpful to have is Fresh Fertilizer, Roasted Seeds, Cold Water, Natural Rubber, Jute, Pliers, etc, etc… 

***Note: You will NOT be able to build the Pier if you don’t have the Metalworking Shop.

Go Fishing quest information <— click here!

New crop is Barley. Harvest time is 24 hours. Cost to plant is 4 Cents. You will only earn 3 Cents back when harvesting BUT…. you harvest 5 Barley for each plot. It would be a good idea to save Fresh Fertilizer so you can harvest some right away.


It will cost 25 Cents to buy the Fishing Referee. Clicking on the Referee will show you the Top 100 Competition and is where you claim your prizes.


Rewards are claimed by how many kilograms of fish you catch. You will have 2 weeks to putter through and claim as many prizes as you can. 


It will cost 50 Cents to buy the Fishing Pier.

The Fishing Pier must be placed on water.

Building requirements


Once you complete building the Pier, you click on it to go fishing. Click to cast.

You will have the option to choose different baits to go fishing with. 

Each bait has a percentage to catch larger fish. The more you add of the same bait (up to 100%) the better the chance to catch larger fish. 

Note: Even at 100% it is NOT a guarantee that you will catch a fish every time

You can wait for the timer to expire. (time depends which bait you choose) OR you can speed up the time to catch the fish. Barley will increase by seconds (up to 30 seconds) Large handful of Barley will make the fish Immediately to catch.

Once the timer runs out the yellow button will appear to pull up the fish. 

NOTE: IF YOU DON’T DON’T CLICK TO PULL UP THE FISH RIGHT AWAY, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CHANCE TO CATCH IT. Don’t get distracted doing something else because you will have to start again and you lose your bait.

Keep fishing and earning prizes as you go. Remember, this will only be available for 2 weeks. You will not be able to participate once the contest is over.

New recipes in Sturdy Barn: Lure


Bright Lure


Fishing Line



Fishing Rod


Big Pearl Barley Handful


Flake Bait




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