Golden Frontier First Snowdrops Update

The First Snowdrops Update was released on 3/16/2017.

March, a beautiful time of the year, nature comes alive, so Bill suggested we plant three majestic flowerbeds, which will not just decorate Colmenfield, but also help in future adventure. Meet our update FIRST SNOWDROPS!

In this update:
– New constructions: Flowerbed foundation
– New plants: Sage patch, Calla patch, Sunflower patch
– New decorations: Flower bear, White eagle

First Snowdrops Quest Info <— Click here!

You will need the Metalworking Shop to complete building the Owl and Peacock Flowerbeds. 

New crops will make earning cents much easier with shorter harvest times. Remember, you earn 1 extra cent for sunflowers, Calla and Sage give 2 cents per plot. Your best option is planting Callas when you have enough cents built up… they take 1 hour longer than sunflowers but give that extra cent. You’ll save energy. ( 100 Callas= 200 extra cents and only costs 100 energy to plant versus planting 200 Sunflowers to get 200 extra cents and spending 200 energy)


Foundations are bought and built first, then continue to build them.


The foundation building stage is the same for all three flowerbeds.

The Deer Flowerbed gives 1 Wooden Bucket OR 1 Jute Rope and a CHANCE for 10 Cents every 8 hours once built.


The Owl Flowerbed gives 35 Cents every 24 hours once built.


The Peacock Flowerbed gives 1 GF Buck every 24 hours once built.


New recipes in the Sturdy Barn are Spring Wreath

Roasted Seeds 

NOTE: Roasted seeds are a 5 hour craft. You will need to increase work time with Snacks/Picnics/Feasts in order to craft this recipe. 

Eventually you will earn enough Cents to be able to upgrade your Dependable Workers. It costs a total of 3300 Cents to completely upgrade Bill’s Dwelling to a 6 hour crafting time. 


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3 Responses to Golden Frontier First Snowdrops Update

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  2. Jed Grey says:

    How much do you have to feed the huntsmen with each dwelling update? They are expensive to feed at the first stage (150 food), and with only 1 hour work time, you can’t even get a 1 hour job out of them without giving them a Snack. I see that the 1st upgrade only costs 300 cents, and you get another 1-1/2 hrs, but how much food do you need to give the guys? The 2nd upgrade seems ridiculous – 1000 cents for only another 1/2 hr, with another 2000 cents for an additional 3 hrs. Knowing how much food is required at each upgrade can help us in deciding what path to take. Thanks!

  3. Bad Kitty says:

    It costs 150 food. even at the last upgrade it’s still 150. Plant Callas… they take 2 hours and give 2 cents per plot return. Sunflowers are only an hour and give 1 cent, but planting callas will save energy!

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