Golden Frontier Unreleased First Snowdrops Update

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March, a wonderful time of year, nature comes alive and Bill offered to plant three wonderful flower beds, which will not only beautify Colmenfield, but also help in future adventures. Meet our updated first snowdrops!

In this update:
– New construction: Basis beds
– New beds: The bed with Sage, beds with Cullen, beds with sunflowers
– New decorations: Flower Bear, White Eagle


Just a reminder… You got through the slowness of San Monsano, you can get through this. Everybody complained about vouchers, now it’s all about cents. Relax folks! There are no timers, and it isn’t a race. You CAN get through this!

First Snowdrops Quests <— Click here!

New crops are Calla Lily, Sunflower and Sage. These crops have shorter harvest times so planting them will help you earn Cents faster.


There are 3 new floral decorations that can be built and gives rewards to help in this location. Deer, Owl and Peacock… The Owl and Peacock will require items from the Metalworking Shop so it may take some time before you can build them. No worries… NO TIMERS!!!

You will buy the bases first, then build. The first is the Deer Flower Bed and costs 1500 regular coins! (Yippee!!) The completed Deer Flower Bed gives 1 Cold Water every 8 hours.



The second is the Owl Flower Bed. The base costs 200 Cents. The completed Owl Flower Bed gives 35 Cents every 24 hours.



The third is the Peacock Flower Bed. The base costs 500 Cents. The completed Peacock Flower Bed gives 1 GF Buck every 24 hours.



New recipes crafted in the Sturdy Barn: Spring Wreath

Fried Sunflowers


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