Golden Frontier Great Canyon Update

The Great Canyon update was released on 3/8/2017. This update is not difficult, just extremely slow-paced. Take the opportunity to catch up on older missions while putzing around with this one!

Notice: You will need to be caught up in many current updates in order for this one to be unlocked. You may be able to travel to the new Colmenfield location, but you will not be able to progress without the new “cents” currency. You will receive most of your new currency needed from quest completion.

Help Bill, a Colmenfield resident. His land was captured by bandits, and he ask for your help in exchange for part of his lands. Meet our update GRAND CANYON!

In this update:
– New buildings: Sturdy barn, Metalworking shop
– New decorations: Hand pump, Golden alpaca
– New location: Colmenfield

It will cost 65 Food to travel to Colmenfield.

Great Canyon quest information <— Click here!

New free gift is Flame.

Note: For those of you who have been to San Monsano, this is similar. “Cents” is the new currency used and like Vouchers, they will be hard to come by so FOLLOW THE QUEST LINES and DON’T go willy nilly buying crops, trees and Alpacas because you will run yourself into a big pickle!!


There are several new resources that can be chopped with energy or use dynamite to blow up. Hovering your mouse over the trees will tell you what you will receive from them. Most new resources have at least 90 whacks.



New crops will costs Cents to plant (and of course energy) and must be planted on seed beds in the Grand Canyon location only. You will earn your spent Cents back plus 1 extra Cent for each crop. (yes the harvest times are in hours, not minutes)

You will eventually be able to speed up the harvest with Fresh Fertilizer that drops from the new Alpaca. (Regular Fertilizer that drops from sheep does NOT work here.)

The new Crop Trees will also cost Cents to plant. there are only 3 harvests until you chop them and receive additional material per whack.

The new animals in this location are white and black Alpaca.

It takes 1 hour in between the first level of feeds. Receive 1 Fresh Fertilizer and 1 Light/Dark Alpaca Wool per feed. 

alpaca-first-feed alpaca-2nd-feed alpaca-ready

Dark and light Alpaca wool can be harvested on the last stage. It takes 3 hours on the last stage.


Bill’s Well comes already placed. There is 1 Build Stage. Click the picture below for building requirements.

Bill’s Dwelling is the new huntsmen tent for this location. There is one already placed and just needs to be finished building. It will most likely be quite a while before you will purchase a second. Click either picture for more information.


You can use Billy and Willy and also a Solid Huntsmen Tent. 

The Sturdy Barn is one of the crafting buildings. One is already placed and needs to be finished. It will cost 55 GF Bucks to purchase a second. Urgent orders are able to be used, but are kind of useless because of the long harvest times of crops. Click any picture for building requirements.


The Metalworking shop is the other crafting building used. This building will be the hardest to obtain, but will be vital for progression in this update and in the future. Click any picture to see building requirements. Initially the metalworking shop costed 5500 Cents. Cost was lowered to 2500 Cents on 3/17/2017. Building requirements also updated. 


Locked Areas have Bandits and the Ringleader near them. You will need to pass all 3 Bandits before you can unlock the Ringleader. It will be quite some time before you are able to pass them and unlock area, especially the 2nd Bandit which requires the use of items crafted in the Locksmith Shop and purely the amount of Cents needed at each stage.

You will need the Metalworking Shop in order to pass 2 Bandits and the Ringleader.

Once passed you can collect 5 Brushwood and 5 Grass every 2 hours.


You will only be able to unlock more territory in order. To try and skip will give you this message.

1st Bandit


2nd Bandit


Bandit 3




The Raccoon dog will be located in your inventory once you have cleared the ringleader bandit and opened the last chest. It gives 10 Cents every 8 hours and a “chance” for 1 GF Buck.

Each locked area has a chest. Inside is some energy, Sturdy pickaxes, Explorers backpacks, and regular pickaxes. 1 Chest contains a few bucks. Nothing ro rush and open the territory for. 

Here is where the chests can be found once the Brittle Gang Bandits are cleared:

New Recipes: Bills Well: Cold Water

Sturdy Barn: Jute

Maple Block

Cedar Timber

Cedar Block

Cedar Mallet

Cedar Tar

Oak Board

Jute Rope

Wooden Bucket x2

Crate of Fruits

Vegetable Cart

Alpaca Forage

Metalworking Shop: Craftsman’s Set

Steel Plate

Monkey Wrench



Tapping Screws

Iron Ingot

Light Hammer x2

Just a reminder when using dynamite….

There are regular rocks, trees, grass, bushes in the new area that take much less whacks. Clear the regular grass and bushes first before using dyno. The Limonite Rocks take the most energy per whack (5) so using dyno on those will be the most helpful. Since the new items have so many whacks, you will burn through dyno like it’s going out of style and feel like you really aren’t making progress.

Remember that the items the dynamite will “blow up” will be highlighted in bluish green. You can target and concentrate the blasts by moving the Dynamite around before you use it and maximize clearing a few items. 


Eventually you will be able to clear enough land and pass the first bandit. I know you are going to want to bust through this update, but honestly… slowly but surely you will get there. Cents will be a big issue. Crops will give 1 extra cent for each plot you plant. Parsley is the quickest and cheapest crop… 6 hours, 2 cents per plot) You may want to forego actually crafting on some mission items and focus on planting crops to earn enough cents. I have 100 plots here. That will earn me 100 extra cents every 6 hours…


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