Golden Frontier Unreleased Grand Canyon Update

Help the Bill, a resident of Kolmenfield. His land was seized by bandits, and he asks for your help in exchange for a portion of their land. Meet our upgrade Grand Canyon!

In this update:
– New buildings: Strong shed, locksmith
– New decorations: water shed, Golden alpaca
– New location: Kolmenfield


grand-canyon-page-1 grand-canyon-page-2

grand-canyon-page-3 grand-canyon-page-4

grand-canyon-page-5 grand-canyon-page-6

grand-canyon-page-7 grand-canyon-page-8

What you can stock up for this update? Energy or Regular Dynamite (Laboratory) and PATIENCE. Also consider stocking up on Snacks, Picnics and Feasts (made in Summer Kitchen) to increase huntsmen work time. You won’t be able to upgrade right away, nor purchase a second tent. Increasing work time is your best option.


 This update isn’t really hard. It will be a slow progress. That’s right… Slow… like a Snail….. or more like a Three-toed Sloth! That’s completely okay though. You will be able to putter through this as you work on older updates. Oh and remember… this info is per the version played on VK. Some info can and usually does change a bit when released to Face Book! I also imagine that there will be future updates in this area to help with the lack-of-cent issue that will be present, so have no fears. 

Note: For those of you who have been to San Monsano, this is similar. “Cents” is the new currency used and like Vouchers, they will be hard to come by so FOLLOW THE QUEST LINES and DON’T go willy nilly buying crops, trees and Alpacas because you will run yourself into a big pickle!!

cent-new-currency-at-grand-canyon cents

New free gift is Flame. Remember to update your wish list when this update comes out.


It will cost 65 Food to travel to the new Kolmenfield location.


This is an overview map of the entire area.


If you have a Coffee House… make coffee… you will need it. If not… Start making regular dynamite (Laboratory). It costs from 1-5 energy per whack to chop anything, and you will need to make some space to plant crops. Space is extremely limited as there are “locked” areas and it won’t be any time soon that you will be able to unlock them. Many of the new Trees and Rocks take a minimum of 99 whacks so be prepared to be in this for the long haul and remember… more updates will come and it is quite alright not to be mission free. 

( I am assuming there are so many whacks to help prevent the inevitable running out of supplies issue that has plagued us with new territories introduced.)

This is about the only working area you will have. Bill’s Well,  1 Bill’s Residence and 1 Strong Shed are already placed in the new location.


Grand Canyon quest info <— Click here!

There are several new trees that can be chopped with energy or use dynamite to blow up. Hovering your mouse over the trees will tell you what you will receive from them. Most new resources have at least 90 whacks.

Old Maple Trees give Maple Logs and use 1 Energy per whack


Old Ash Trees give Ash Branches and use 2 Energy per whack.


Old Cedar Tree gives Cedar Cones and use 2 Energy per whack.


Young Cedar gives Cedar Logs and uses 2 Energy per whack.


Old Oak Trees give Oak Logs and use 1 Energy per whack.


Other new resources:

Small Grass gives Sheaf Grass and uses 1 Energy per whack.


Fragrant Grass gives Scented Grass and uses 2 energy per whack.


Limonite Ore gives Limonite and uses 5 energy per whack


New crops will costs Cents to plant (and of course energy) and must be planted on seed beds in the Grand Canyon location only. You will earn your spent Cents back plus 1 extra cent for each crop. (yes the harvest times are in hours, not minutes)


You will eventually be able to speed up the harvest with Fresh Fertilizer that drops from the new Alpaca. (Regular Fertilizer that drops from sheep does NOT work here.)


The new Crop Trees will also cost Cents to plant. there are only 3 harvests until you chop them and receive additional material per whack.


Cold Water is used to water the new Trees.

avodado-tree-3-harvests-2-cold-water papaya-tree-3-harvests-1-cold-water rubber-tree-3-harvests-1-cold-water

The new animals in this location are white and black Alpaca.


It takes 1 hour in between the first level of feeds. Receive 1 Fresh Fertilizer and 1 Light/Dark Alpaca Wool per feed.

alpaca-first-feed alpaca-2nd-feed alpaca-ready

It takes 3 Hours between feeds the last level of the Alpaca.


Bill’s Well comes already placed. There are 2 build stages. There is a limit of 1 Well. 


bills-well-stage-1 bills-well-stage-2

After Building the Well, you will be able to collect 1 Cold Water in 15 minutes. After you collect the Cold Water you will need to rebuild the 2nd stage in order to collect another Cold Water. You will have to rebuild the 2nd Stage each time to collect 1 Cold Water.


Bill’s Residence is the new huntsmen tent for this location. There is one already placed and just needs to be finished building. It will most likely be quite a while before you will purchase a second. Click either picture for more information.

bills-residence cost-of-bills-residence

On the Vk game you can use Billy and Willy and also a Solid Huntsmen Tent. I am not sure if this will change with the release to the Facebook Version or how long it will be able to be placed once released.

inventory solid-huntsmen-billywilly


The Strong Shed is one of the crafting buildings. One is already placed and needs to be finished. It will cost 55 GF Bucks to purchase a second. Urgent orders are able to be used, but are kind of useless because of the long harvest times of crops.

strong-shed cost-of-strong-shed using-urgent-order

strong-shed-stage-1 strong-shed-stage-2


The 4th crafting building is the Locksmith Shop. The cost is quite high and most likely will be weeks before players will earn enough Cents to purchase one. Due to the “sloths pace” I have no building or recipe info, lol!


Locked Areas have Bandits and the Ringleader near them. You will need to pass all 3 Bandits before you can unlock the Ringleader. It will be quite some time before you are able to pass them and unlock area, especially the 2nd Bandit which requires the use of items crafted in the Locksmith Shop and purely the amount of Cents needed at each stage.


1st-bandit-stage-1 1st-bandit-stage-2

2nd-bandit-stage-1 2nd-bandit-stage-2

3rd-bandit-stage-1 3rd-bandit-stage-2


ringleader-stage-1 ringleader-stage-2

After passing all 3 bandits and the ringleader you can collect 5 grass and 5 brushwood from them every 2 hours.

collect-from-bandit bandit-rewards-every-2-hours-5-grass-5-brushwood

Also after passing the Ringleader, you rescue the kidnapped Raccoon Dog which gives 10 Cents every 8 hours and a “chance” for 1 GF Buck. You cannot pay bucks to speed up the reward.


New recipes crafted in the Strong Shed: Alpaca Feed


Box of Fruit


Cedar Beam


Cedar Deck



Cedar Mallet


Cedar Resin




Jute Rope


Maple Deck


Oak Board


Trolley of Vegetables


Wooden Bucket x2


Just a reminder when using dynamite….

There are regular rocks, trees, grass, bushes in the new area that take much less whacks. Clear the regular grass and bushes first before using dyno. The Limonite Rocks take the most energy per whack (5) so using dyno on those will be the most helpful. Since the new items have so many whacks, you will burn through dyno like it’s going out of style and feel like you really aren’t making progress.


Remember that the items the dynamite will “blow up” will be highlighted in bluish green. You can target and concentrate the blasts by moving the Dynamite around before you use it and maximize clearing a few items. 


Eventually you will be able to clear enough land and pass the first bandit. I know you are going to want to bust through this update, but honestly… slowly but surely you will get there. Cents will be a big issue. Crops will give 1 extra cent for each plot you plant. Parsley is the quickest and cheapest crop… 6 hours, 2 cents per plot) You may want to forego actually crafting on some mission items and focus on planting crops to earn enough cents. I have 100 plots here. That will earn me 100 extra cents.. Eventually in 2 weeks by doing this at least 2-3 times a day, I will earn enough cents to be able to progress and buy the locksmith shop.


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2 Responses to Golden Frontier Unreleased Grand Canyon Update

  1. ivonne dovico says:

    mi sembra molto complicato

    • Bad Kitty says:

      Sembra complicato perché è nuovo. In realtà non è difficile, basta molto lento progresso. Questo permetterà ai giocatori di recuperare il ritardo su aggiornamenti più vecchi.

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