Golden Frontier Writer’s Update

The Writer’s update was released on 8/27/2015. 


The book – is something mysterious and magical, but you have the chance to join the mystery of its creation in the WRITER`S UPDATE!

IN this update:
– Build Writer’s house
– Fly in hot-air balloon!
– Create works of art
– New decorations

Writer’s Update quest information <— Click here!

A new Writer’s Collection is introduced. Receive 1 Ink, 25 Experience and 25 Coins for each collection turned in.


Writer’s House: Click the picture to see building requirements.

Golden Frontier Writer's House

Click to see the building requirements of the Blue Hot Air Balloon. 

Golden Frontier Blue Hot Air Balloon

There are no quests requiring you to build the Orange Hot Air Balloon. You may choose to build it and receive more parcels. Click the picture for building requirements.

Golden Frontier Orange Hot Air Balloon



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