Golden Frontier Mountain Pass Update

Dear friends! Hurry meet exciting adventures on the mountain pass in our new updates! In this update: – Put on the heat – you will find a trip to the north! – Take a walk through stunning serpentine pass. – Help Joe restore removable base the station after the avalanche! – Do not miss the opportunity to see the proud Snow goat!

It will cost 20 Food to travel to the new location.



Mountain Pass Quest information <— Click here!

One of the Newest buildings is “Joe’s Hut.” It is already placed and no Building Stages are required. In Joe’s hut are new items to trade for. 

Joe's Hut

joes-hut-page-1 joes-hut-page-2


This is a Snow Goat… isn’t he cute? You will need a scissors to collect “Warm Wool” from him. 5 Warm wool and some exp and a collection item will drop when collecting. We will be needing a lot of Warm Wool, so stock up on Scissors!

Snow Goat

These are new Rocks that need Dynamite to blast. The Rocks will produce Gems we need to trade for materials in Joe’s Hut. We will need quite a bit of dynamite!

clearing-at-mountain-pass gems

This Lavender, which we will need for recipes. Only energy is required to obtain it by chopping as you would with grass. Exp and collection items also drop when chopping it!


The Stone Blockage is the first obstacle you need to clear in order to go farther up the Mountain Pass.

Stone Dam

stone-blockage-1-of-2 stone-blockage-2-of-2

After completing these stages you will be able to go farther up the pass! There you will start to see a snowy area, and encounter a couple more Snow Goats as well as Snow-Covered Fir Trees and Snow Piles. The  Snow piles will give you Snow and Exp when chopping and the Snow-covered Fir Trees will give Snow, Sap, exp and collection items when chopping. Only energy is needed to collect.

Snow covered

The next barrier is the Snow Blockage. There are also 2 stages to clear it.

golden-frontier-snow-blockage-stage-1 snow-blockage-stage-2

After Clearing the second barrier, you will have access to the Weather Station.


golden-frontier-weatherstation-stage-1 golden-frontier-weatherstation-stage-2


After completing, you will be able to collect a Gold Nugget, and 4 different collection items.




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