Golden Frontier Cave Update

The Cave Update was released on December 17, 2015.

 Are you ready to go on a treasure hunt in the CAVE UPDATE?

In this update:

Build Miner’s house and meet Frank!
– Receive the map and set off for a new adventure!
– Find treasures and get a valuable reward
– New decorations: Expeditionary set and Pick hammer


Cave Update Quest information <—- Click here!

Once players complete a goal called “Treasure Hunter”, a timer will appear on the next goal in that quest line. Make sure you are stocked up!! IF YOU ARE NOT WELL STOCKED UP IN ALL DEBRIS CLEARING ITEMS, then I recommend you DO NOT complete Treasure Hunter..let that sit while you replenish your stock of Miner’s Sets, Miner’s Help, Dynamite, etc).  Once you reach the 2 excavation sites to clear for Urgent Work, each site requires 30 Miner’s Sets to clear..that’s 60 you will need right off the think about what you need to get to those sites, which are located at the TOP.

It will cost 30 food to travel to the new Cave location on the map.

New Cave Territory

The Miner’s House is the new crafting building for this update. Click the picture for building requirements.


Follow the quests and make your way to the top of the Cave. You will meet Frank when first entering the Cave. He will give you  A Miner’s Help every 24 hours.

golden-frontier-frank golden-frontier-frank-rewards

Use Dynomite, Miner’s sets, Miner’s Help and energy to make your way. While clearing Quartz Deposits. you will receive rare random drops of Diamonds you can use to trade for energy in the Trading Post.

golden-frontier-pick-hammer-to-clear-quartz-deposit golden-frontier-mining-quartz-random-drop

Clearing Big Excavation.

big-excavations random-drops-from-excvation

Navigating slowly is the only way to make it to the top. This is no easy task and will take time and patience. Many times you will come across an obstacle that you think you should get to but cannot pass. Use miner’s help in those situations to help you get farther.


New Recipes: Miner’s Help


Cave Rock


Miner’s Set


Pick Hammer



Players will be unable to place Miner’s House on the new Cave territory. It is recommended that once Miner’s House is constructed on either Cloudy Land, River or Coast, to begin crafting SEVERAL Miner’s Sets & Pick Hammers beforehand as this will eliminate you travelling back & forth using 30 food each time you visit.

Players will require many of these in order to clear obstacles in order to proceed forward on the ‘path’. Pretty much every obstacle (crystals, puddles, stones, excavation sites, etc.). This will test player endurance & patience in repetitive crafting.

TIP: use dynamite near geological matter (produces gems) or Black Cliffs (produces rock stone). Dynamite will affect all resources around them.
TIP: there are 2 types of quartz deposits….one is Hard Quartz & the other is Quartz. If a goal asks you to mine Quartz, make sure you are not mining from Hard Quartz.

Miner’s Help (coin) – Used on obstacles. After crafting these coins, go to Cave territory, then enter warehouse, under Other tab, find coin and click on ‘place’ button. Place coin directly ON obstacle. Acts as dynamite however, will only affect the obstacle it is placed on.

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