Golden Frontier Artistic Update

The Artistic Update was released on 11/12/2015. Feel like creators of amazingly beautiful paintings in our ARTISTIC UPDATE!

In this update:
– New building – Art school!
– Open your Artist’s talent!
– Build Trade schooner and get reward every day (you can put it on the Coast)


Be aware that there is a 2 week timer!

Artistic Update Quests <— Click here!

New in the Trading Post is the Dissolvent needed in this update.


The Art School is the new crafting building. Click the picture to see building requirements.


There are 3 new paintings that will give different rewards when completed.

autumn-landscape seacoast-landscape island-landscape

The Trade Schooner can be placed on multiple locations and must be placed on the water. When complete, it will give Experience, Coins, Collection items, and 1 Gold Nugget every 24 hours. Click either picture to see building requirements.

golden-frontier-trade-schooner gold-trade-schooner

New recipes in the Art School: Canvas


Paint Tube





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