Golden Frontier Prospector’s Grandson Update

The Prospector’s Grandson Update was released on 11/2/2016. 

Meet new character – Charlie. He is searching for his grandfather. Travel with Charlie to new unexplored lands – White Hills and help him in this difficult matter. Meet our update PROSPECTOR’S GRANDSON!


Prospector’s Grandson Quest Information <— Click Here!

This is another new Territory in the Northwestern area of Map 1. There are a few things you can do to prepare, but many items are new and only crafted in this location. Similar to the Gold Prospector Town, urgent orders cannot be used. You may want to keep Sturdy Pickaxes in your wish list though, as there are more Black Granite and Chrome Veins available. (although you do not have to clear them unless you want space or need the resources) This also will not be an area you can have production buildings!

It will cost 20 Food to travel to the new White Hills Territory.

New Trade in the Hotel: Pelts


This is what White Hills looks like.

White Hills Territory (expanded view)

There is a new kind of Currency here besides Coins, Gold Nuggets and Pure Gold… it’s called Gold Crumbs. They are obtained from Gold Bearing Springs using Prospector’s Tray, and can be…. limited… Use them Wisely! They will be used to purchase Edelweiss, Mountain Goats and Buying the new Master and Joiner Huntsmen.

gold-crumbs edelweiss mountain-goat

New to this area are “camps.”  There are 3 of them. They all have the same function… to craft recipes. Each one has different building requirements. Quest requirements will have you build 2 of them. The 3rd one is OPTIONAL and is the hardest to build. 


Inside there are 2 empty slots and 2 different huntsmen you can choose to do the crafting. The Craftsman Huntsmen and the Carpenter Huntsmen. Each Huntsmen has his own set of recipes he can craft. You may have 2 of the same kind of huntsmen, but I recommend using one of each to start out with. In these camps you can craft 2 different recipes at the same time.


Click the pictures below for each individual build requirements.

golden-frontier-gold-prospector-camp golden-frontier-old-camp golden-frontier-abandoned-camp

You can craft 2 recipes inside the Camp. Urgent orders cannot be used.

There are 3 Gold Bearing Springs in which you collect Gold Crumbs. You must build the Camp next to the Spring FIRST before you can build the Spring. Each spring has a limited amount of “whacks.” After the Spring is exhausted it can be rebuilt. Use Prospector’s Trays to obtain Gold Crumbs, Each whack gives 6-7 Gold crumbs.

1st Spring (next to Gold Prospector Camp) Click the Picture for Building Requirements.


2nd Spring (next to old Cap) Click the picture for building requirements.


3rd Spring (next to Abandoned Camp) Click the picture for building requirements


Edelweiss is a new crop using Gold Crumbs as the currency to plant. Space is limited until you have an area cleared, but you can plant them in seed beds at the Gold Prospector’s Town Location. (many players will have already have some cleared space) You cannot use the Greenhouse to plant Edelweiss in. Plant carefully as needed… remember your new currency will be a bit limited! You can use fertilizer to speed it up. 

edelweiss edelweiss-grown

Mountain Goats are the newest animal. They also use Gold crumbs to purchase. Don’t buy too many right away as the goat feed uses Edelweiss in the recipe…. They have 8 feeds before they disappear and give Goat Fur


The Gold Bearing Machine gives coins, experience and 5 Gold Crumbs every 4 hours. Click the Picture for building requirements.


Arthur’s Hut will give 1 Pure Gold and 5 Gold Crumbs every 12 Hours. Click the picture for building requirements.


New Prospector Store Recipe: Pure Gold


Prospector’s Warehouse : Goat Forage x5


Craftsman Huntsmen Recipes: Hot Compress


Bandage x3


Woolen Fabric


Cough Mixture


Carpenter Huntsmen Recipes: Spruce Board




Wooden Stake


Prospector’s Tray




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