Golden Frontier Family Picnic Update

Family Picnic was released on July 14, 2016.


Dear friends!

Gather all your dearest one on picnic and treat them with the most delicious dishes in our UPDATE – FAMILY PICNIC!

In this update:

New building: Gazebo;
– New decorations: Barbecue, Oven for frying.

Family Picnic Quest information <— Click here!

New free gift is Salt. Don’t forget to update your wish list!


When you load your game, you will see lots of Turkeys. Use Thick Gloves to catch Turkeys and receive the Turkey meat needed to craft recipes and build the Arbor! Turkeys do not repopulate but are found on Most of the Map 1 Territories. Don’t forget to check in the sky at  the Cave and Rock. The Turkeys are there. It looks like only 1 but they are all lumped up!

turkeys turkeys-in-sky

You can purchase and build 2 Gazebos. Click the Picture below for building requirements.


In the Trading post you can trade White Gold for the Sauces.


New Recipes in Barn: Cottage Cheese




New Kitchen Recipes: Big Cake


Fish with Vegetables


Pancake with Cottage Cheese x2


Turkey with Vegetables


Vegetable Salad


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