Golden Frontier Unreleased Trading Competition Update

Dear friends!

The game starts Trade competitions. Valuable prizes will be awarded to participants who entered the Top 100. Team Cowboys and Farmers forward. Let’s find out who will win? Meet our update TRADING COMPETITION!

In this update:
– New buildings: Shopping center
– New decoration: White Mustang, Mustang Dark, Shallow carriage, Express coach, coach agronomist.


trading-1 trading-2


Trading Competition Quests <— Click here!

You will need to be pretty current on updates in order to have the materials needed to craft for this new competition. This is both a “Top 100”  and a team effort. You will pick a team. (Cowboys or Farmers) Similar to the Football Arena, at the end of the competition, the team with the most points wins the competition. Competition lasts for 2 weeks.

Facebook Version info <— Click here!


New free gift will be Garden Shears.


All of the new recipes crafted for this update are in the Barn, Smithy and Workshop. The Shopping Center is placed in Del-Rio. The Shopping Center is quite large but can be placed with little clearing needed.

cost-of-shopping-center golden-frontier-shopping-center

When you place your Shopping center you will get a pop-up to pick your team. Once you make a choice, that is the team you are on for the duration of the competition. Your choice of teams is Cowboys or Farmers.


There are 5 stages to fill inside the Shopping Center. The Chests are decor that give items. (rewards given will be updated as soon as that info is available)


shopping-center-stage-1 shopping-center-stage-2

shopping-center-stage-3 shopping-center-stage-4


Stage 2 Entrepreneur’s Chest gives Coins, Experience and 1 Sawdust every 8 hours.

entrepreneurs-chest entrepreneurs-rewards

Stage 3 Spruce Man’s Chest gives Coins, Experience and 1 Acacia Beam every 12 hours.

spruce-mans-chest spruce-man-rewards

Stage 4 Expert Transportation Chest gives Coins, Experience and 5 Spring Water every 12 hours.

expert-transortation-chest expert-rewards

Stage 5 Golden Wizard’s Chest gives Coins, Experience, 1 Basalt Rebar and 5 Cement Powder every 24 hours.

golden-wizard-chest wizard-rewards

♥♥♥ Note ♥♥♥ These recipes take much longer times to craft… BUT… it only takes 150 points to be able to claim the stage 5 prize. It will be much easier for more players to be able to claim the prizes!

New Barn Recipes: Box of Cherries


Box of Roses


Workshop Recipes: Spruce Plywood


Box for Transportation x2


Thin Board


Garden Set


Smithy Recipes: Agronomist Rake




Farmer’s Spade




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