Golden Frontier Snow Games Update

The Snow Games update was released on 2/16/2017.

Dear friends!

In cold winter season build an impressive snow fort, make snowballs and exchange them for magnificent decorations. Meet our update SNOW GAMES!

In this update:
– New buildings: Snow fort, Winter spring, Summer spring
– New decorations: Rotund snowman, Snowman in bowler hat, Busy Snowman, Mary’s statue, Clyde’s statue.


Snow Games Quest <— Click Here!!

New free gift is Arctic Cold.


You will want to purchase and place the Summer Spring right away. Summer Spring can only be placed on Cloudy Lands. Cost is 5500 Coins and limit of 1. The Summer Spring gives 1 Spring Water every 3 hours.

cost-of-summer-spring summer-spring

BIG NOTE: As of right now, purchasing the “deer” decorations will not pass this quest: Hold off on buying a “cheap decor” just to pass the quest until we hear back from GFC on this issue. Only the SNOWMEN purchase passes the quest!


The Winter Spring costs 55 Snowballs and a limit of 1. It also gives 1 Spring Water every 3 hours. Winter Spring is purchase in the Gold Prospector Town location.  You will probably want to spend precious Snowballs to purchase this as well. Spring Water is a rare commodity and necessary to make Icicles to trade in the Snow Fort. It is better to collect 2 every 3 hours than 1!

cost-of-winter-spring winter-spring

The Snow Fort is purchased in Gold Prospector Town. Trade Icicles, Ice Pillars, Flags and Big Ice Blocks (crafted in Prospector’s Store) for Snowballs. Use Snowballs to purchase decor items. 

***NOTE*** This has a limited time availability of 14 days. You will not be able to exchange in the Snow Fort later.

cost-of-snow-fort snow-fort

In the Snow Fort you can exchange 4 items for Snowballs.

  • Icicle (4 Snowballs)
  • Ice Pillar (9 Snowballs)
  • Small Flag (10 Snowballs)
  • Big Ice Block (15 Snowballs)

icicle-exchange-in-snow-fort ice-pillar-exchange-in-snow-fort

flag-exchange-in-snow-fort big-ice-block-exchange-in-snow-fort

Just like other updates we have had in the past with Vlad, Sheriff and Edward you will need to exchange what is being asked for. Craft what is needed to do the exchange. It may be a bit easier if you have patience and collect some needed items and craft several items before you start trying to exchange.

There is a limited time availability, and perhaps decide 1 or 2 decor items to go for. 

Busy Snowman costs 749 Snowballs and gives 1 GF Buck and 1 Soft Beam OR 1 Basalt Rebar every 24 hours.

cost-of-busy-snowman golden-frontier-busy-snowman

Rotund Snowman costs 349 Snowballs and gives 1 Soft Beam, 1 Rose, 1 Candy and 1 Winter Cherry  every 24 hours.

cost-of-rotund-snowman golden-frontier-rotund-snowman

Snowman in Bowler Hat costs 549 Snowballs and gives 10 Snowballs, 1 Rose Bouquet, 1 Turquoise Powder OR 1 Cement Powder every 24 Hours.

cost-of-snowman-in-bowler-hat golden-frontier-snowman-in-bowler-hat

BIG NOTE: Rewards were changed on 2.20/2017. The Deer are only meant as decoration and will not give anything but 1 EXP. Pretty much a waste of snowballs if you ask me!

The Deer costs 200 Snowballs and gives 1 Experience.

cost-of-deer deer

Fawn with Bow costs 150 Snowballs and gives 1 experience.

cost-of-fawn-with-bow golden-frontier-fawn-with-bow

Reindeer costs 150 Snowballs and gives 1 Experience.

cost-of-reindeer golden-frontier-reindeer

New Recipes in Prospector’s Store: Ball of Thread x2


Ice Block Mold


Ice Pillar




Knitting Needles


Small Flag


Thin Fabric x2






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