Golden Frontier Fountain with Cupids

The Fountain of Cupids is the newest “Dual Clickable” introduced with the All Lovers Day Update. You can only build 1. When complete it gives you 1 GF Buck every 24 hours.







Just like the Horse Enclosure there are 2 parts to fill. The top half is your part. Craft Candy, Rose Bouquets and Teddy Bears to fill your part. Neighbors visit your land and click to fill the second part. There are 6 building stages with the 6th stage being a final gift.

fountain-with-cupids-stage-1 golden-frontier-fountain-with-cupids-stage-2

fountain-with-cupids-stage-3 fountain-with-cupids-stage-4


When first released, there was a “free click” we are used to seeing when tending neighbor clickables. This was changed. Now you can fill your neighbors’ Fountain with Valentine Cards from your own inventory. Remember not to use up all your Valentine Cards on neighbor Fountains. You will need them to craft and fill your own part of the Fountain as well as for future updates.


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