Golden Frontier All Lovers Day Update

The All lovers Day update was released on 2/9/2017. 

Dear friends!

Cloudy lands are beautiful, unforgettable place, but what stops us from making it even better? Let’s build a fountain of incredible beauty here for the wonderful Valentine’s day holiday. Meet our update ALL LOVERS DAY!

In this update:
– New buildings: Fountain with cupids
– New decorations: Lover’s hearts, Swan pond
– New plants: Climber roses, Winter cherry


All Lovers Day Quests <— Click here!

New free gift is Valentine’s Card


Climber Roses are a new crop that can be grown in seed beds or the greenhouse. It is costly to grow them, but you do get the coins back and earn even more…. It costs 75,000 coins to plant 50 in the Greenhouse. You receive the 75,000 back when harvesting plus 2500 more.

cost-of-climbers-roses climbers-rose-in-greenhouse

Winter Cherry Tree costs 200 coins each. There are 3 harvests of Winter Cherries before they are exhausted. You then collect Soft wood. It costs 2 Energy per tree and you gain 2 Soft Wood per Tree. You can also use Dynamite but only receive 1 Soft wood that way.

costy-of-winter-cherry winter-cherry

On the 1st and 2nd harvest the Winter Cherry Tree is Pink. The 3rd/final Harvest the Tree is Green.


The newest Clickable is the Fountain with Cupids. Make sure you put it by the boat on Cloudy lands! Click the picture below for more information.


New Recipes: Confectioner’s Shop



Workshop: Flowery Paper




Rose Bouquet




Teddy Bear



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