Golden Frontier Unreleased Snow Fun Update

Dear friends!

In the cold winter time, build a huge snow fort produce snowballs and share them on the gorgeous scenery, who will assist you in the farm business. Meet our updates of snow fun!

In this update:
– New buildings: Snow fort, winter spring, summer spring
– New decoration: Snowman kruglyash, Snowman in a bowler hat, Snowman Business, Statue of Mary, Statue of Clyde.


snow-fun-page-1 snow-fun-page-3

Facebook Version Information <— Click here

Snow Fun Quests <— Click here!

New gift is Arctic Cold


The Goal is to craft items to trade in the Snow Fort for Snow Balls. Then use the Snowballs to buy 3 different Snowmen that give rewards.

Note: There is 1 quest to buy 1 snowman (Krugylash) for the least amount of Snowballs. This will not be an easy nor fast Update because of the resources involved. There is NO TIMER, so take your time and putter through. I understand the difficulty level and the resources needed for these last few updates have been quite extensive…. Those Feedback forms Tammy puts out every week are always posted in the blog here at the top page. Fill it out every week and let the Devs know how you feel!!!


The Summer Spring (purchased and placed on Cloudy Lands only) costs Coins and gives 1 Spring Water every 3 hours. It can be stored but not placed in Gold Prospector Town.

cost-of-summer-spring summer-spring

The Winter Spring costs 55 Snowballs and is placed on Gold Prospector Town Only. It gives 1 Spring Water every 3 hours same as the Summer Spring. I recommend spending the precious Snowballs on this item because you will need a good amount of Spring Water. (collecting 2 every 3 hours is better than only 1 every 3 hours.)

cost-of-winter-spring winter-spring

The Snow Fort (placed in Gold Prospector Town) is where you will exchange crafted items and receive Snowballs. There are 4 different items that can be exchanged and they come up Random. (like Edward, Vlad, etc)


  • Icicle = 4 Snowballs
  • Ice Post = 9 Snowballs
  • Flag = 10 Snowballs
  • Big Ice Block = 15 Snowballs






icicle-trade-in-fort ice-post-trade-in-fort

flag-trade-in-fort ice-block-trade-in-fort

Snowman Krugylash gives 1 Rose and 1 Winter Cherry every 24 hours.

cost-of-snowman-krugylash snowman-kruglyash

Business Snowman gives 1 Soft Beam OR 1 Basaltic Rod and 1 GF Buck every 24 hours.

cost-of-business-snowman business-snowman

Snowman in Bowler Hat gives 1 Cement Powder OR 1 Turquoise Powder every 24 hours.

cost-of-snowman-in-bowler-hat snowman-in-bowler-hat

New Recipes in Prospector’s Store (Gold Prospector Town) 

****Pay attention…. some recipes need Huntsmen Workers****

Ball of Thread x2


Big Ice Block


Small Flag


Ice Block Mold


Ice Pillar


Knitting Needles


Thin Fabric x2











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