Golden Frontier Unreleased Valentine’s Day Update

Dear friends!

Cloudy Lands gave a wonderful, unforgettable place, but what prevents us to make it more beautiful? Let’s for a wonderful holiday of St. Valentine, built here a fountain fabulous. Meet our update Valentine’s Day!

In this update:
– New building: Fountain with Cupid
– New decorations: Heart lovers, pond with swans
– New plant: Winter Cherry, Climbing rose


st-valentines-day-page-1 st-valentines-day-page-2

This update takes place on Cloudy lands. You will still need to be quite current in order to craft the necessary materials. The Cupid Fountain is a “Dual Clickable” like the Horse Enclosure was. The Workshop and Confectioner’s Shop are the primary buildings used for the new recipes. Totals will not be given because each player will craft different items to fill their portion of the Fountain. There are NO timed elements to this update.

Valentine Quest info <— Click Here!

Full Facebook Version Information <— Click here!

New free gift is Valentine


New Winter Cherry Tree costs 200 coins each. Harvest time is 2 hours.


Winter Cherry Trees use 1 water each and turn a pretty pink when ready to harvest. They only have 3 harvests and give 2 soft wood when finished.

winter-cherry-crop ready-winter-cherry-trees soft-wood

Roses are a new crop that can be planted in seed beds or the greenhouse. Make sure you have a goodly amount of coins as they are quite expensive to plant. They do however give a good return of coins back unlike Durum wheat that really sucked us dry of coinage. These will not do that!



The Cupid Fountain is a new “dual clickable” (like the Horse Enclosure) that has 5 building stages. Remember to place it by the boat on cloudy for your neighbors to find and click it with ease.

Once completed it becomes a decoration that gives 1 GF Buck every 24 hours!


Same as the Horse Enclosure, you craft and fill your half while neighbors visit and click. You cannot finish a level until you have completed filling your requirements and neighbors have clicked their part.

cupid-fountain-stage-1 cupid-fountain-stage-2

cupid-fountain-stage-3 cupid-fountain-stage-4


  • Candy = 1 point
  • Bouquet of Roses = 2 points
  • Teddy Bear = 4 Points






You can also use Candy and Bouquet of Roses to help your neighbors…. but you will mostly at first use them on your own Cupid Fountain and “free click” your neighbors. 

Note: Even though the “free click” is a Valentine, it does NOT come out of your inventory!


Confectioner’s Shop: Candy


Workshop: Bouquet of Roses


Flower Paper




Sawdust x3


Teddy Bear



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