Golden Frontier City Management Update

City Management was released on 2/2/2017. 


Dear friends!

Go to Lost city, and build a sprawling megalopolis there. For taking part in construction and assistance to the mayor you will receive your own part of the taxes citizens pay. Meet our update CITY MANAGEMENT!

In this update:
– New constructions: City hall, Shanty, City hut, Small dwelling, Family estate, Spruce cottage, Dwelling
– New decorations: Mayor, Mayor’s house, Traveler’s set.

New free gift is Steel Sieve.


City Management Quests <— Click here!

New items in the Lost World Minecart: Rough Gravel, Whitewash, Spackling Paste and Basalt Rebar.



City Hall is available for purchase right away. Click either picture for building information.

golden-frontier-city-hall cost-of-city-hall

Completing the “Steel Sieve and What it’s used For” quest will unlock the purchase of Spruce Cottage.


Click either picture for Spruce Cottage building information.

golden-frontier-spruce-cottage cost-of-spruce-cottage

Completing the build on Spruce Cottage unlocks the purchase of the Shanty.


Click either picture below to see Shanty building information.

golden-frontier-shanty cost-of-shanty

Completing the Shanty build unlocks the City Hut.


Click either picture below to see City Hut building information.

golden-frontier-city-hut cost-of-city-hut

Completing the City Hut build unlocks the last 3 buildings: Dwelling, Family Estate and Small Dwelling.


Dwelling: Click either picture to see building information.

golden-frontier-dwelling cost-of-dwelling

Family Estate: Click either picture to see building information.

golden-frontier-family-estate cost-of-family-estate

Small Dwelling: Click either picture to see building information.

golden-frontier-small-dwelling cost-of-small-dwelling

New recipes in Prospector’s Store in Gold Prospector Town:

Cement Powder


Brick Trowel


Chrome Spattle


Construction Bucket


Foundation x2


Liquid Cement






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2 Responses to Golden Frontier City Management Update

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  2. rhonda madonna says:

    psssst city hut pic dont work when you click on it to see build 😛

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