Unreleased City Government Buildings

Most of the new buildings are unlocked for purchase in the Shop by completing a previous building.

City Hall is available right away. It gives random items, coins, energy and 1 GF Buck every 24 hours when fully complete.

city-hall-cost city-hall city-hall-rewards

Only the City Hall has a “collection” in between stages. As always, click the yellow upgrade button to see building stage information.


city-hall-stage-1 city-hall-stage-2


Residence (unlocked from quest completion) gives Coins and Cheesecloth Roll every 24 hours when complete.

residence-cost residence residence-rewards

residence-stage-1 residence-stage-2


Shack (unlocked when Residence is built) gives coins and random item every 24 hours when complete.

cost-of-shack shack shack-rewards

shack-stage-1 shack-stage-2


City Hut (unlocked when Shack is built) gives 1 Pickaxe with Rope every 24 hours when complete.

city-hut-cost city-hut city-hut-rewards

city-hut-stage-1 city-hut-stage-2


Completing City Hut opens the last 3 buildings ( Cabin, Family Cottage and Small Residential House)

Cabin gives coins and 1 Soft Wood every 24 hours when complete.

cost-of-cabin cabin cabin-rewards

cabin-stage-1 cabin-stage-2


Family Cottage gives 2 Chrome, Coins and 1 Big Burrito every 24 hours when complete.

cost-of-family-cottage family-cottage family-cottage-rewards

family-cottage-stage-1 family-cottage-stage-2


Small Residential House gives Coins, Experience and 2 Honey every 24 hours when complete.

cost-of-small-residential-house  small-apartment-house small-apartment-house-rewards

small-apartment-house-stage-1 small-apartment-house-stage-2



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