Unreleased Gambling Casino Update

Dear friends!

The Lost City is something amazing. There appeared gambling casino, where you can try your luck at roulette. Hit the top and you get a magnificent prizes at the end of the event in our renewal gambling house!

In this update:
– New construction: Gambling Casino, House of Champions
– New decoration: An avid player, roulette Director


gambling-house-page-1 gambling-house-page-2

We adventure to the Lost City once again for a 2 week Top 100 Gambling Competition! (This has a 2 week top 100 competition so is essentially timed)

Note: If you don’t have your realistic Still Life, Mountain Landscape and 1 Academy of Arts Built (Colorful Artistry Update) and Dressing Room (Grand Theater Update) you will Not be able to Participate in this update….

You can completely skip this update or just putter through and see if you can collect a few rewards. There are no crafting buildings to build, no new area to explore. Take this extra week and work on older updates! Most players will likely NOT collect the 2500 Champion Medals and you know what?? It’s ok! 

Dust off your Printing Presses! They will be used for most of the crafting in this update! Click the picture below for build requirements (in case you decide to build more)

Golden Frontier Printing Press

What should you stock up on?? Totals will not be given because there are 3 tickets needed to spin the roulette… each player will putter through and make what they can. You will go through lots of Chrome Hammers. You can have ahead:

  • Soft Wood
  • Cotton
  • Red Powder
  • Book of Knowledge
  • Creosote Twigs
  • Bunch of Thin Grass
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Acacia Branch
  • Wide Brush  (realistic still life)
  • Coarse Brush  (realistic still life)
  • Thin Brush   (mountain landscape)

Remember… not all drops are every time. The Wide Brush drops every time, the Coarse Brush is a “chance” to find. Painting Knife and Thin Brush are both “chance” to find… 

realistic-still-life-coarse-brush-wide-brush mountain-lanscape-painting-knife-thin-brush

Quest Info <— Click Here!!

The New free gift is gift certificate


The Gambling Casino is where you use tickets to spin for Champion Medals. (and a few other prizes) No building requirements and limit of 1.

gambling-casino-cost gambling-casino


The House of Champions is where you collect rewards and where the Top 100 competition is held. No building requirements and limit of 1.

champions-house-1st-purchase champions-house

Win Champion Medals in the Gambling Casino and then collect rewards inside the House of Champions. This is similar to how the rewards worked with the House of Fear and Pyramid of Elders.

house-of-champions-page-1 house-of-champions-page-2



Note: A change to the Champion’s Chest

It now gives 30 Medals every 8 hours towards the top 100 contest. 






New Crafts inside the Printing Press: Bond Paper x2


Coupon x2


Discount Ticket


Golden Ticket


Old Ticket


Premium Ticket




Ticket x2



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